How to select the perfect domain name for your business

Choosing the name of your domain is like choosing the name of your company. It requires time, patience, and a good amount of brainstorming. Your domain name will be your identity on the internet.

So if you are looking to buy a domain and hosting, here are some things you should keep in mind.

  1. It needs to be easy to type

If you want to be successful, you need to find a domain name that is easy to type. Using words with multiple spellings or writing them, in short, will make it harder for customers to find your website.

  1. It needs to be kept short

Before you start looking for the best hosting in India, ensure that your domain name is not long. It increases the chances of your customers misspelling or mistyping the domain name. A domain name should be ‘short and simple.’

  1. Put keywords in the name

You can add keywords that describe the businesses and services you offer. If your business deals with cars, you would want to add ‘car’ in your domain name. It can also improve your ranking in search engine results.

  1. You can target your geographical area

If your business is local, you can consider adding the name of your city or state in the domain name. This will make it easy for the local customers to find your website.

  1. Avoid number and hyphen

Numbers in a domain name can add to the confusion. It increases the chances of your customer misspelling the name. Also, if you have a hyphen or dash in the name, your customer may miss it out altogether.

  1. Try to stand out and make the name memorable

You will find millions of registered domain names. Having a domain that is catchy and memorable is essential. Discuss with your friends and loved ones to make sure that it sounds catchy and appealing to others. Make sure to do this exercise before you buy a domain and hosting.

  1. A little research can go a longway

You need to ensure that the name you are selecting is not trademarked nor does anyone have a copyright over it. Else, it may cause legal issues, that might prove costly.

  1. The domain extension should also be appropriate

Extensions such as .net and .com can be found at the end of the addresses. Each one has a specific use. You need to make sure that you are selecting a suitable one for your business. The .com domain is the most popular one. However, it might be challenging to get a short and memorable .com domain.

  1. Create a brand for yourself

If you want to protect your brand, you need to buy other domain extensions and even the misspelt versions of your domain name. This will prevent your competitors from getting the other versions, and you can redirect customers to your website even when they mistype.

Ensure that you research well, compare plans and then choose a domain name.


Batteries 101: The 6 Parts of a Battery Explained

A battery is a device that stores potential energy capable of being converted to electrical energy through a chemical process. We take batteries for granted in the modern era. They power everything from our flashlights to our smartphones. What would life be like without them?

Have you ever wondered how batteries work? If so, a good place to begin is understanding the six parts that make up a typical battery. Each one is explained below, compliments of Salt Lake City’s Pale Blue Earth. Incidentally, Pale Blue Earth sells a revolutionary lithium-ion battery that can be recharged with a USB cable.

1. The Case

The first and most visible part of a typical battery is the case. Consumer batteries – think AA, AAA, and D-cell – have steel cases. Steel is strong enough to hold all the internal components while simultaneously withstanding the punishment of regular use. Should a steel casing ever be breached, potential leakage could be dangerous.

2. The Cathode

The cathode is a combination of materials residing at the positive end of the battery. In a disposable alkaline battery, manganese dioxide and carbon are the norm. Other types of battery technologies rely on other materials. During the charging process, ions flow from cathode to anode.

3. The Anode

The anode is that combination of materials residing at the negative end of the battery. An anode could be made up of any number of materials. Zinc is a popular one. During the discharge process, ions flow from the anode back to the cathode.

4. The Separator

Between anode and cathode is a separator designed to keep these two compartments apart to avoid short circuit. In cases where the separator is breached, a short circuit can cause overheating. The separator in most consumer batteries consists of a fibrous, non-woven fabric that prevents the flow of anode and cathode materials without inhibiting ion flow.

5. The Electrolyte

If you had to choose the most important part of a battery you might choose the electrolyte. This is a chemical solution contained within the barrier between the anode and cathode. It is through this electrolyte that ions flow. Thus, the electrolyte essentially carries potential energy from cathode to anode and then back again.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery features an electrolyte based in lithium salts. Its biggest advantage is its exceptional energy density. Because lithium-ion batteries are more energy dense than disposable alkalines, they also weigh less.

6. The Collector

The last piece of the battery puzzle is the collector. This is a metal pin running through the center of the battery for the purposes of conducting electricity generated by ions passing from anode to cathode. During charging, ions flow in the opposite direction. Thus, the collector is utilized in reverse. It conducts electricity into the battery to force ions to flow from cathode to anode.

How It All Works

Now that you know the six parts of a typical consumer battery, would you like to know how it all works? It is actually quite simple. Charging a battery involves introducing electricity that pushes ions from the positive end, through the electrolyte, to the negative end. Those ions stay at the negative end until you put the battery into a device and turn it on.

When you do that, the battery’s circuit is complete. This allows ions to flow from the negative end back to the positive. As they pass through the electrolyte, the resulting chemical reaction produces electricity that runs through the collector and into the device being powered. That is really all there is to it.


5 Smartphone Accessories That You Cannot Live Without

Whenever you buy a phone, don’t forget to grab the accessories to go with it. They not only add personality to your phone but also make it useful and easier to use. 

Wondering how to get these accessories at the most reasonable prices? Use vouchers for May 2021 on ShopCash and you can outfit your phone with the best of accessories at lower prices!

Phone Case

No matter how much you adore your phone, it is susceptible to a certain amount of heavy usage, resulting in scratches and unflattering markings. Make your device last longer by purchasing a smartphone case or holster that will keep it safe and comfortable. Smartphone cases are available in a range of colors and designs.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are mainly used for amusement, such as listening to music. They introduce new technologies that allow one to listen to music from his mobile phone or tablet without the need for an actual wire/cord connection. Compared to speakers on your phone or tablet, Bluetooth speakers have a much greater sound quality and clarity.

Mobile Adapters

A smartphone adapter is a must-have accessory that comes with your phone or tablet. It is used to charge your phone or tablet. Since it is portable, you just plug it into a power source and attach it to your cell phone or tablet to charge. They also come with various power cords that you can use from various power sources; for example, others can be used in a vehicle.

Mobile Data Cable

Cell phones and tablets store many records, including personal information, images, songs, and so on. This necessitates the redistribution of data to other computers or sharing data with others, which is where cell data cables come in. They usually come with a USB cable that you can plug into computers or portable hard drives.

Wired Headsets

In certain areas of the world, driving with one hand while using your mobile in the other to answer calls is illegal. Invest in a pair of hands-free headphones to stay healthy and out of trouble. They, too, come in various models and colors, with prices varying widely depending on the company.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy… and Solve Puzzles

You will never get enough of solving puzzles because there are many free puzzle features delivered to you every day. Unwind and enjoy over 10,000 free HD images that are of incredible quality.

What are puzzles?

A puzzle is a game that examines the player’s creativity and ability to think outside the box. The game expects the player to put puzzle pieces together in an organized and logical way to reveal the solution to the puzzle. The procedure of solving puzzles is fun and mind relaxing.

Puzzles come in various genres such as jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, word-search puzzles, logic puzzles, relational puzzles, and number puzzles. They are usually forms of entertainment, but they can also contribute significantly to mathematical research.

Solving the puzzles involve recognizing the patterns and observing a specific order. With critical thinking ability, players can solve puzzles with great ease. More so, puzzles based on discovery and inquiry are the easiest to solve by many gamers.

Daily puzzle games keep you locked in through unique and attention-grabbing elements that include;

  • puzzles’ wide range of free beautiful, high-quality images. Gamers select the pictures from various categories like challenging puzzles, art, animals, landmarks, flowers, nature, and colors.
  • Mystery puzzles. The players take up the challenge to determine and uncover the things hidden from them. You win the game when you successfully reveal what is in the picture, which allows the next level of the puzzle to present itself.
  • Daily free puzzle. The game never loses taste; there are more than 10,000 HD collections that gamers gain access to freely.
  • The gallery is updated daily. As a result, gaming enthusiasts never lack free puzzles because the gallery is refreshed on a daily basis.
  • Useful hints. Whenever the player is stuck, the game provides a clue to help figure out in the right direction what match could be the most suitable fit.
  • Custom backgrounds. Puzzles have theme elements that support background color and image customization. Players can select their preferred image appearance and color to solve the free puzzle games with more energy and pleasure.
  • Ease rotation mode access. Turning on the rotation makes the game more fun and tricky enough for players to feel the challenge.
  • The puzzle game has a range of 9 to 400 pieces. As the number of pieces increase, the puzzle game becomes more challenging. Players are always eager to try out a new bit after completing the other. 

Puzzles pose great benefits to gamers:-

  • They enable players to develop strong attention to detail skills. For example, it takes keenness to identify unique differences in shapes or colors to complete the game.
  • Gamers take various approaches to solve puzzles, thus boosting their problem-solving abilities.
  • The game keeps you engaged and relaxed, therefore, relieving stress.
  • Solving puzzles is fun and entertaining.
  • It makes gamers stay in a good mood.

If you were undecided whether to start playing puzzles or not, then this article should trigger you to make the bold step of kick-starting your puzzle gaming experience. The fantastic features and the level of entertainment will make you dive deeper into the game.

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Buy a Good Laptop Online & Double Your Success

Every bright student seems to have a laptop these days as having a laptop makes their work very easy and effective. The usage of the laptops is also increasing because these are getting more affordable day by day. Although laptop price in India is said to be little higher than the other places of the world, all the price of laptops are available because of which the customer has a number of options to check which suits best to his or her budget. You can buy affordable laptops for your kids online by visiting here and provide your kids with a device that can be helpful for their studies or research.

If the laptop hangs while working or its Windows crashes, if it is very much prone to catching viruses every now & then, if it takes too long to process; then the laptop is not good. There are many low-price laptops are coming in the market which are majorly being used by the students. Although these laptops are performing well are satisfactory, difficult and heavy tasks cannot be performed on them because of their slow process.

Things that you need to check while buying a laptop

To be honest there is not one simple answer to the question as to what needs to be kept in mind while buying a laptop, as partially it depends upon the needs of the user & the features are subsidiary. You can find good laptops here and we are sure that you will definitely find one that will meet your requirements. Although buying a good laptop is subject to your needs, some general points should be kept in mind before buying a laptop:

  • Many screens have touch screen. A touch screen needs to have glossy, and glossy screen leads to have bad reflections. So for harmless operation for long hours, consider a laptop which does not have touch screen.
  • You need at least 4GB of RAM or more to get the best out of your system. The ideal one is an 8GB RAM laptop. If you need to access more data by the system at any one time, it comes handy for tasks such as editing photos.
  • If you need a quite portable laptop and do not have to perform rigorous tasks apart from PowerPoint presentation, a mini laptop is suitable for you.
  • Before buying any asset, it requires to make a budget. But before making a budget one needs to know the actual price. These days there are so many laptops offers going on in the market. Most of the people tend to buy when laptop offers are going on.
  • The processor is one factor that decides the performance of your laptop. Never settle in less than Intel. Good CPU laptops are i5 laptops &i3 laptops.

The above are the general details about the requirements one seeks in the laptops, however, the laptops that are there in the market are so many in number that a normal person gets bewildered because all of them claim to be the best. To escape this situation of confusion, buy laptop online.

The reason is that online you get the neutral details of the laptops which lets you take the right decision. Also, you get to enjoy a lot of offers.

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Computer Running Slow? The Reasons

If you are working on a slow computer, it will affect your workflow as it will take time to load pages and programs. This will lead to unproductivity, and you will see a decrease in your motivation. Most people use computers daily to work from it or to browse the internet for entertainment purposes. And if you have a slow working computer,  you will not want to continue your work from it, as it will end up consuming a lot of your time and test your patience. There are many reasons why your computer could be running slow, and this article talks about some of these issues and how you can resolve them. Most of the issues can be easily fixed with some simple maintenance tips, but if the problem persists, it is ideal to look for a reliable Computer Repair Services, Regina, to help fix the problem.

Below are some of the reasons why your computer could be running slow:

Running Too Many Programs At The Same Time: When your computer starting running slow, check the number of programs that are open and running at once. If you have several programs running at the same time, this could be one of the reasons why you have a slow computer. It generally means that your computer is running out of memory, so to avoid this issue, you should start quitting the programs that you are not using. You can also restart the computer to combat this problem.

Too Many Tabs In The Browser: When you work or browse the internet, you will likely have many open tabs in the browser, and this is one of the contributing reasons for a slow computer. The search engine is on the top when it comes to consuming computer memory, which leads to a slow working computer. To lessen the memory consumption and to resolve this issue, you can close all the tabs that you are not currently using.

Storage Space: Another reason for your slow working computer is low to completely maxed-out storage space. There are two ways the computer uses memory, the first one is the memory that you use to store files, videos, pictures, and others. And the second one is processing memory, which determines the computer’s speed and ability to multi-task. And if your computer runs out of storage space, the performance will be affected. So, consider freeing some space by backing them up and deleting the files that you don’t need anymore.

Too Many Pre-Installed Softwares: Computers usually come with pre-installed programs that can end up taking a lot of space, especially if they come with automatic updates. And whether you use these programs or not, they stay active on your computer and they update whenever there is a new version, and these programs take up a lot of storage space. To resolve this issue, you can close the programs that are running in the background or uninstall them.

Too Many Start-Up Applications: Start-up applications are the programs that start up on their own when you turn on your computer. These programs also come with automatic updates and they can cause your computer to slow down. These programs can cause delay, and even if it’s only for a short period it contributes to a slow-running computer. And to prevent this issue, you can check your app settings and change the settings to prevent them from starting up when you turn on your computer.

The last main contributing reason for a slow computer is viruses, if you have a virus lurking in your system, it will not only slow down your computer, but your identity will also be at risk. To resolve this issue, you can install an anti-virus program, or let Computer Repair Agency Regina, resolve the issue. These are the top contributors of a slow working computer, and tips to solve them.

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Businesses that are in need of dedicated servers

A dedicated server offers a wide range of benefits to a business website that has just recently started on the digital platform. Dedicated servers is a web hosting service that provides the users the sole control on their website without the interference and hassle from the shared servers that might be an adult or spam site, and without compromising on the data servers slowing down. 

It offers power, efficiency, flexibility, and resourcefulness to the website. In a world of technology where businesses are transforming into the digital platform needs a high functioning server that fulfills the requirements of the user and there is nothing better than a dedicated server which is preferred by most people in business across the globe. 

What advantages dedicated servers offer?

A dedicated server provides certain facilities to the clients which are extremely helpful in the long run of the businesses. They are as follow:

  1. It is extremely simple to access, manage and use, unlike all the other servers. 
  2. A dedicated server doesn’t require a large team to manage. It is very low-maintenance and helps the client to focus on other things.
  3. It can run multiple applications at once which makes it versatile and flexible. 
  4. It is very affordable.
  5. It helps a website to give a high-quality performance. 

Who needs a dedicated server?

Big or small, every business with a website and a huge number of consumers on the internet needs a high-functioning security system that keeps all their private information safe and secure and a dedicated server is a must-have to enhance and expand the growth. There isn’t any particular business that will need a dedicated server, it is a requirement of all businesses with many large data, disk space, customers, and pieces of information. 

Who provides a dedicated server?

Many companies in today’s world of technology help the business grow on the digital platform by providing the services of web hosting i.e, dedicated or shared servers. One such company is WeHaveServers which offers all the benefits of a dedicated server to an e-commerce website no matter big or small, to expand the growth and bring in more customers.


What You Need to Know About Phone Systems

Every business needs a phone number, so every business also needs a telephone system to utilize the phone number. When choosing a phone system, it is important to be familiar with the available technology.

Private Branch Exchange

A private branch exchange or PBX business phone system is a private phone system for your business that will allow employees to talk directly with both coworkers and external callers. A PBX is a traditional system connected to a landline and has been used by businesses for decades; it enables incoming callers to choose the department or extension they wish to be connected with. Similarly, employees can speak to each other by simply picking up the headset and pressing a button. A PBX system does require physical equipment so it can become expensive to install and maintain but it does allow a business to customize customer greetings and choose how to route customers when they call.

Key System Unit

Another type of phone system is called a key system unit or KSU system. This type of phone system connects landlines to a centrally installed hardware unit where each phone is physically connected to the KSU system. This system can be basic and is a good choice for small businesses but expansion can be difficult once the landline capacity is reached; it also requires on-site service and maintenance, so it can become a costly option.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

A voice over internet protocol or VoIP phone system is a more recent innovation where the ability to make and receive calls is hosted through the internet with no equipment installations or costly maintenance since everything takes place through the cloud. These types of systems are great for companies that don’t want to maintain hardware or software and want to have the option to easily expand.

The PBX, KSU and VoIP phone systems offer several options that allow businesses to customize their systems to various degrees to suit their preferred method of communication.

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Benefits Of Hiring a Full-Service Amazon Agency

There are a lot of Amazon sellers nowadays. With Amazon being such a large marketplace, it can be a good place to increase your sales. However, with increased opportunity comes increased competition. Therefore, you need to be prepared to deal with it. That’s why it would be wise to consider hiring a professional full service Amazon agency to assist.

The Many Benefits Of Hiring a Full-Service Amazon Agency:

Save Money

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you can get into the Amazon space and start making sales right away. The truth is, you will need to pay a “tuition cost” if you don’t know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, you aren’t going to be able to get your products on the marketplace and start making sales right away. Many new sellers make this mistake, and they end up seeing their products spend weeks in the Amazon warehouses waiting to be sold. During this time, they accumulate hefty storage fees and more. They waste all kinds of money on failed Pay-Per-Click campaigns, and they wonder what went wrong. When you decide to cut through all of this and hire a professional company to handle it for you, it can save you a lot of money. After all, you’ll be able to get away with not having to worry about making costly mistakes that a professional company will help you avoid. Getting professional help is a great way to leverage both expertise and existing investment in professional tools and services. We have already invested heavily into our own business, and we can help clients save money because of this.

Beat Your Competition

The competition is fierce on Amazon. While it’s fierce elsewhere, it’s even more fierce on the Amazon marketplace. It is a place where truly only the strongest survive. If you want to beat your competition, you will need to hire a professional agency. By hiring one, you will be able to give your business the upper hand over your competitors. The last thing you want is to allow your competition to have some advantage over you. Having a full-service company working around the clock for your business’s benefit is one of the very best ways to give your business a leg up you need to dominate the marketplace.

Save Time

Running a business is very time-consuming. If you are a business owner, you likely have your hand in many aspects of running your business. One of the benefits of outsourcing your Amazon efforts is the ability to delegate the tasks so you can focus on other aspects of your business. You can spend more time and energy on building your business outside of Amazon, which can allow you to scale your business in a way you couldn’t if you were taking on Amazon alone. 

As you can tell, there are plenty of benefits that come with hiring a full-service Amazon agency to assist. By hiring one like ours, you will save a lot of time that you can spend elsewhere. Likewise, you can save a lot of money because you won’t be making the costly mistakes that many new Amazon sellers might make. This can save you money on failed paid advertising campaigns, and it can save you money from getting poor optimization results with your produced listings. If you want to streamline your efforts and get the most out of your Amazon business, there is no doubt that hiring a company to handle it for you is the way to go.


Less considered but important parameters when choosing a dedicated server

When choosing a dedicated server, some people tend to disregard some of the most important factors. In this article, we are going to discuss the less considered factors when selecting a cheap dedicated server unmetered and why you should not set them aside. These are the following:

Network quality – 

It has something to do with your server’s physical location and the hosting provider’s network quality. If you are in Europe, it would be best if you are going to choose a hosting provider located in Europe. It is impractical to have your site hosted from other regions as it could significantly affect the network’s quality.

Application scalability – 

Is your application scalable? Will it be possible to add more servers easily? You need to be aware that some applications need a complex process to scale to multiple devices. Ensuring that the database runs on multiple servers can be quite challenging as everything has to be synchronized with the server. The process can be easier if the server has more processing capacity, faster storage, and RAM.

Hosting provider – 

The right hosting provider will act as your partner throughout the entire process. Your queries and concerns will be addressed with the aid of engineers and specialists. The hosting provider will give you the best decision based on their experience and expertise. The hosting provider you should select is someone who would look after your business, treat your business as its own.

Choosing the best web hosting provider is more complex than you think. There are less obvious factors that have to be considered as equally important as the obvious ones. It would take some work but will definitely benefit your business in the long run. Every organization must invest in its web hosting service provider.