The needs and preferences of customers today saw drastic changes thanks to the continues growth and development of the online world. Customers are now in search of better customer experience. And they put premium in getting personalized services and products. We witness this trend for instance in the popularity of Spotify,  digital music service that can generate a playlist tailored specific to the taste of each user. And this technology, the IT world calls the smart technology.

What makes this technology smart? Well, they just simply learn people’s preferences and habits and adapt to this dynamic environment. Such technologies are automated and online, connected to a network where they interact with other devices in unison.

This revolutionary technologies certainly transformed the preference of customers and even the buying cycle. They turned shopping online; looked for on-demand services that range from Uber to Airbnb and from Eventbrite to Udemy; and patronized personalized services and products like Netflix, Spotify, Fitmob that reads their taste. As the business trend points to greater adoption of smart technology, here’s the 4 sign to know whether your business has an upper hand amidst smart technology revolution.

  1. You’re Migrating to the Cloud

Cisco recently forecasted the humongous growth of cloud in data processing, dwarfing the share of traditional data centers. According to the IT & networking giant, about 92% of all workloads in the entire world will be in the cloud within three years. And it is for every reason that this great migration to the cloud is happening.

Working in the cloud is today’s smartest way to work and carry out your business. Cloud application noc gives you the best accessibility to files, data and services you and your customers need wherever and whenever. This greater accessibility (work anytime) and mobility (work everywhere) helps businesses grow in many ways that had been never before possible.

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of cloud, just so you know why everybody’s migrating to it.

  • Cost effective. Requires no physical infrastructure, maintenance, upgrades etc.
  • Better and more secure storage. Offers real time updates and audit trail so you can keep an eye on your files.
  • Improves business results. Cloud based-collaboration improves employee productivity while the cloud technology itself are fast and more reliable to cater to your business processes.
  1. You’ve invested in modern POS system

A business that’s equipped for the fast growing smart technology knows well that the payment landscape is also being revolutionized, thanks to the mobile trajectory of technology advances. Modern POS system accommodates mobile and online payments like Apple Pay and Pay Pal as well as the more secure EMV chip cards. This modern and more secured Point of Sale system offers greater sales flexibility for businesses to go omni-channel and do business beyond a brick-and-mortar store.

Since, POS system generate sales analytics report, It is through this technology that you can gather big data set from your customers to understand their buying habits and preferences. You can use these information to tailor fit your customer service, sales and marketing strategy.

  1. You’re Leveraging Big Data Analytics

Smart technology is built upon the insights, trends and information gleaned from big data. It by the aggregate data gathered from the habits of customers and people that businesses are able to offer a more personalized product and services. And it is by big data that large companies are able to stay on top, thanks to the actionable insights and trends it provides.

Good to know, the use of big data is no longer a monopoly of big businesses. The benefits of big data is now accessible for small business. The price of big data analytics tools pales in comparison to the benefits it can provide to small businesses. Some of the tools available in the market are Microsoft Power BI and Google Big Data Solutions.

If you’re not yet in the business of leveraging big data, here are things you might want to ponder.

Big data enables your business to…

  • Predict the trend in your niche.
  • Understand the buying habits of your target market.
  • Spy on your competitors.
  1. The Business is Protected with Smart Security Systems

While you’re perfectly aware of the premium you should put on cybersecurity to fend off data breach, keeping the physical premises of the business secured is the basic security that needs to be in place. This is a given. And a businesses that are ready to compete in the age of smart technology don’t just rely solely on security personnel, but  also integrating smart technology to keep the business protected from crooks.

Smart security is a basic feature in smart buildings and smart homes. Smart technology are security sensors that are connected to the internet and can send alert to the owner and even the authorities (which is the case in smart cities). The added value of smart security system is cost-effective, reliable, and real-time monitoring. It can send video footage in case someone breaks into a restricted area.

Among others, smart security system enables you to:

  • Get real-time access to CCTV inside and around your premises.
  • Remotely shutdown your computer network and even utilities like electric supply.
  • Remotely trigger alarms and notify the Police or Fire Department.

Author Bio:

Darrell Smith is a data / cybersecurity news junkie. He spends most of his time surfing the web for the latest data and network operations center trends. He also shares his recent findings through his articles and other blog posts.