Recycled Carbon Fiber Leads to New Surfboards in Australia

Cost-effective recycling has been the holy grail of the carbon fiber industry for at least a decade. Find a way to effectively recycle the waste and you simultaneously solve the landfill problem and bring the price of carbon fiber down. Thankfully, great strides have been made in recent years. New surfboards being fabricated in Australia provide ample evidence.

A company known as JUC Surf is the brainchild of three carbon fiber researchers at Australia’s Deakin University. The three have extensive experience working with carbon fiber in the aviation and automotive industries. As they work on completing their PhDs, they are also running a company that transforms recycled carbon fiber waste into surfboards.

Theirs is no ordinary waste, however. There is something special about it; something that allows them to use carbon fiber to build surfboards that are every bit as tough and rider-friendly as fiberglass boards. For the record, fiberglass has been the go-to material for surfboard fabricating for the better part of 50 years.

It Takes All Kinds

Recycled carbon fiber waste comes in multiple forms these days. You can get it chopped, milled, and in reclaimed fiber or tissue form. JUC Surf doesn’t use just one type. They couldn’t if they expected to build a surfboard capable of withstanding boisterous seas. No, it takes all kinds of carbon fiber waste to make a JUC board.

They use a significant amount of chopped fiber to give their boards bulk. Milled fiber is added to toughen up the epoxy resin while reclaimed fiber and tissue are added in strategic locations to give a board extra rigidity in key spots. All four types of recycled material are combined in a strict formula to achieve exactly the results JUC Surf wants.

The company works with multiple suppliers to ensure they get what they want in the recycled material. They are very specific about density, weave pattern, shape, and even surface treatment. They have to be if they hope to displace fiberglass as the preferred material for surfboards.

Designing Strength into a Board

Engineers in Salt Lake City’s Rock West Composites explain that carbon fiber’s rigidity is directly related to the orientation of its fibers. Strength exists along the lines of those fibers in whatever direction they travel. That is why fabric weave patterns are observed in some carbon fiber parts.

Weaving carbon fiber threads to create fabric is one way to increase strength via intersecting threads. The more intersections, the greater the strength of the product in all directions. However, JUC Surf goes one step further by aligning fibers in specific directions at strategic locations on a given board.

Where they need extra strength, they can place additional layers of material in the desired orientation. Where extra strength is not needed, they do not have to be as careful. In the end, each board becomes a custom-designed piece of work that is strong overall but extra strong where it needs to be.

Cheaper Carbon Fiber Boards

Carbon fiber is more expensive these days because the material itself is expensive. But as recycling methods mature alongside fabrication methods, prices should come down. A few years from now surfers should have access to a full range of cheaper carbon fiberboards.

The rest of the industry will be keeping an eye on JUC Surf and how they use recycled carbon fiber waste. Their surfboards could end up being a model for other fabricators to follow. From aerospace to automotive and sporting to household goods, plenty of manufacturers are looking to get on the carbon fiber bandwagon.


Top Advantages of Buying Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Having a house party and don’t have a speaker for playing music? If yes, then you must buy a portable Bluetooth speaker from the Your Smart Home Guide. In this platform, you can find the Bluetooth speaker of different brands, which include the 50, 100, and 200 dollars. By visiting this platform, you will also get the chance to compare the Bluetooth speaker. After that, you can choose the speaker, which is best suitable for you. By playing the music in the Bluetooth speaker will give you the chance to enjoy the party and trip hands-free. Playing music in the Bluetooth speaker is good, and it also saves your phone battery. If you need more info about portable Bluetooth speaker, then visit for complete information.

  • Good for Outdoor Sports: If you love to play in the outdoor and also get the opportunity for going on trekking, then portable Bluetooth speakers are a good thing which you can take with you. If you buy Bluetooth speakers, then you will easily play the songs apart from your phone and listen to music free of hands and without having a phone on your side. By this, you can listen to the songs and also play your favorite sports without any trouble or issue. The Bluetooth speakers come in the compact size, so you can easily carry the speaker with your anytime or anywhere.
  • Music Sharing: Having a portable Bluetooth speaker by your side will give you the opportunity of sharing your music with your family and friends while you are going on the trip. From the portable Bluetooth speaker, you will get to know the choice of your family music and make the trip memorable. If you use the headphones, then you will not get the chance to share your music album with your family members. But using the Bluetooth speaker instead of using the earphones will give you the advantage of sharing your music with the entire family. Doing this will be good for you, and it helps you to spend more time with your family and having fun.
  • Wireless: In the traditional speaker’s people face, the issue of tangled wires. Untangling those wires requires a lot of time and effort, so if you don’t want to face this issue, then you will buy the Bluetooth speakers who are wireless, so you won’t the same issues again in your life. By visiting the you will get to know the different companies of Bluetooth speakers. In this platform, you will easily compare the Bluetooth speaker of different brands, which gives you the opportunity of choosing the perfect Bluetooth speaker for you, which you can use in your home parties and outdoor sports.

How to Choose a Wireless Charger for Your Smartphone

The wireless charging technology was introduced as early as 2015 with Blackberry smartphones. Now, you can buy a wireless charger for your Android or Apple smartphone.

The wireless charger has gained popularity in the market because it is a convenient way to charge the batteries in your smart devices. IF your smartphone has the wireless charging feature, all you need to do is place it carefully on the wireless charger to give the battery a boost.

I know some cool tips to help you choose a wireless charger for your smartphone. There are so many brands in the market. Wireless charging technology is no longer protected by a patent, so any company can make the chargers.

This is why you should be careful when choosing a wireless charger online or in a physical store.

Here are the best tips to help you buy the right wireless charger for your smartphone;

Buy a known brand

There are some reputable electronics brands that manufacture wireless chargers for smartphones. For example, you can find the wireless chargers made by Google in the market. Also, Samsung has released different models of these wireless chargers that work effectively. There are many branded products on the market. You will be making a good decision buying the products made by a reputable electronics brand.

Is it portable?

If you are always on the road, and you are a heavy smartphone user, you should consider buying one of the portable wireless chargers for smartphones. You can charge your smartphone anywhere you are. It is convenient and reliable.

What is the power output rating?

It is essential that the wireless charger you buy must have an output rating that can efficiently boost the battery in your smartphone. The rating is usually indicated on the packaging of the device.

The output also determines how fast your smartphone can be recharged. We use our smartphones often, so it may be an issue if it has to be left on a wireless charger for a long time.

Some of these wireless chargers can deliver an output of 18 Watts, 15 Watts, or 10 Watts. Here’s a tip, the wireless chargers that deliver an output of 10 Watts will boost the battery in your smartphone faster.

Choose a smart and classy design

There are two common wireless charger designs. The first type features a horizontally positioned pad that may not be too convenient if you plan to use your device while it charges on a desk. The other type holds the smartphone in a slightly vertical position that allows the owner to use the smartphone while the battery is charging.

The wireless chargers are usually compatible with all types of smartphones, but you should make sure that your device is listed among the smartphones that can be charged with the model you are about to buy.

For more details about wireless chargers for smartphones, please check out these product reviews.


Why Custom Injection Molding is more beneficial?

Many suppliers in China are well known for providing custom plastic injection molding supplies. The plastic injection molding process is going on for a long time. There are thousands of plants of Custom Injection Molding in China, which are manufacturing and serving a variety of products. These companies which deal in the Custom plastic injection molding helps in supplying the colourful molded plastic parts. Getting these colorful plastic molded parts is a great help for many industries which needs these products. One should also know that the custom injection molding process has many benefits than the other molding processes which are used for plastic molding. If you have any doubts in your mind regarding the custom molding process, here are some of the benefits of custom molding process which you should be aware of.

No worry about the quantities of the supplies

Thanks to the custom injection molding process, that one will not have to worry about the quantity. We can work on according to the required number or required quantity. Generally, if someone uses the machine for lower orders, it loses its value very soon. But with the custom injection molding, we get the freedom to work for any such quantity, and it is because of the 3D printed molds.

Use of right material

Custom Injection Molding provides you with the usage of the right material. This means there will be very less waste or no waste. And the material which is used is also recyclable, so there is no worry about that too. One is supposed to use only the required amount of material, and if any waste occurs, so it can be transformed again into the raw material.

Quick turnaround time

Generally, it is being said that the turnaround time of the plastic injection molding process is slow. As it may take time in building the molds. But the 3D printed tools have made it easy. It takes lesser time in comparison with the other molding processes. This makes the turnaround time faster when compare with the other processes which are similar to this process.

Easy to customize

The plastic industry often demands customized products. That is why it is important for one to have an injection molding process which can be customized. The injection molding resins are good for mixing the colorants with them. This helps in producing the surface coloring which is usually different than the plastic color.

Can be recycled

Plastic Injection Molding is also said to be effective in terms of recycling. Any product which is a waste or is faulty or is defective can be put for recycling. It can be heated back and one can get the liquid form of the waste which can be sued later on for making a new product. This advantage is not with many other types of molding processes. The product which is a waste goes in the waste only many times in other processes. So, it is good to use the Custom Injection Molding Process.

If you want to go for the Custom Injection Molding, check this website, as they provide the best China Plastic Injection Molding.


A Guide To Know About Various Blockchain Applications That Can Help Your Business

The blockchain is one of the best alternatives to the traditional form of currency, centralized banking and the various methods of transactions. It has changed the world in terms of doing transactions.

This technology is a distributed ledger that maintains records of the various transactions that occur over the networks which are distributed over thousands of computers worldwide. All the transactions are done securely and there is no possibility of hacking.

It has a tremendous effect on the businesses that we do. Blockchain has become a very popular technology not only in the finance sector but across multiple industries. The block chain services are highly essential to run your businesses conveniently.

The reputed company chainyard provides a wide range of services related to blockchain to your business like blockchain engineering, blockchain operation, etc. Due to increasing popularity of this technology, this fact cannot be denied that blockchain technology will gain more popularity than the internet in the future.

The blockchain applications that can help your business are:

Smart Contracts

This term has been in use for a long time but now it is associated with the blockchain. The smart contracts are computer programs that are self -automated and these are able to carry out any contract. Smart contracts are a type of computer protocol which digitally helps, verifies the negotiations and these help in performing the transaction without a third party and are trackable and irreversible.

Distributed Cloud Storage

The businesses are benefited with the help of cloud storage application. It helps in protecting your files by using the blockchain technology and files can be encrypted with the help of cryptography. It is more secure, faster, and less expensive than the traditional datacenter-based cloud storage systems.

Maintains Digital Identity

The data mismanagement and fraud cases are common in any kind of business transactions. So it is very essential to prevent such situations. With the help of blockchain tracking and identification of such fraud cases can be done effectively. The systems which are based on the blockchain need digital signatures for authentication purposes.

Supply Chain Communication

Blockchain is one of the effective ways of maintaining secure communication between manufacturers, suppliers and the third party partners and it is clear that the supply chain around the world is becoming very popular and digitalized.

Benefiting the Retailers with Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

This technology is going to help the retailers that provide gift cards and loyalty programs to their customers. It makes the process inexpensive, secure and there is no middleman involvement as the blockchain provides unique verification facilities.


Thus the blockchain applications are extremely important for the businesses due to the feature of blockchain’s distributed ledger which minimizes the operational costs. No middleman is involved and it allows the companies to trace quickly the products and transactions all the way. It helps in saving time and reduces costs. These applications will definitely change the face of the businesses in the coming years.


Benefits of Using Gimbal for Video Shooting

Shooting a video is pretty much what everyone thinks of when capturing a critical moment these days. With the increasing popularity of Smartphones, you don’t need to be a professional to capture all the significant events in your life. Regardless, shooting a bad video is very annoying and may contribute significantly to the interest of watching it. It gets worse if the video was for business promotion. It can turn off prospective clients instead of getting them to buy your products or get to know what your company specialises in. Whichever reason you have for shooting a video ensure its of the highest quality possible and thanks to gimbal you are well covered. No more bad videos. The following are some benefits of using gimbal;


Using your bare hands to record a video is never a good idea no matter how careful you are. You don’t get the best quality since you are bound to shake and experience some vibrations which if you are recording a high motion video affect the entire content. A gimbal ensures you get to do everything in the smoothest way possible.

High flexibility

Gimbal stabilisers are available in many types. The best thing with them is that they give you unmatchable flexibility with your hands in case they are busy elsewhere like during bike riding. Also, they are compatible with many Smartphones so you won’t have a lot of trouble getting them to work. They offer incredible flexibility that wouldn’t find in a regular handheld stick.

It’s easy to use and highly portable

The good thing with gimbal is that it does not require many calibrations but combines professional simplicity with the best functionalities. Gimbal is easy to set up, simple to operate and can be carried around with ease. Whichever reason you need this tech, it will surpass your expectations with quality service,

It’s reliable

The last thing you need from your gimbal is losing control of your Smartphone and smashing on the floor into pieces while you are using it. You need something that you are guaranteed won’t compromise your activity. The best way to ensure such scenarios don’t happen is by purchasing a high-quality gimbal. Buying something reliable is always a smart choice since it saves you the trouble of having to spend more money on replacing your phone or camera once it has already been damaged. Spend wisely and ensure your gadgets are safe to minimise unwanted costs.

Whichever content you are creating, gimbal ensures it is of the highest quality possible. Whether it’s for your YouTube channel or marketing for your business, quality should always be a priority. It is the first thing viewers recognise when they watch your video. Shoot video gimbal ensures you come with quality work and the best part is it’s not quite hard. Days when shooting a video seemed hard are long gone, and it’s no longer something left for the professionals. With your Smartphone you can create fantastic content that no one can detect any flaws. With a gimbal, life is much better.


All you need to know about Video Cameras

There are currently a lot of options available for digital camcorders. Rack brand and full of models, each its features and power are unique. Here is a list of the best digital camcorders.

Canon Vixia HF 10: It’s Canon’s First Flash Video Camera It is used in small and comfortable while providing high-quality video quality and performance.

Specifications: Digital Video Camera High Definition Internal Flash Drive 16 GB, Full 1920×1080 Capture and Recording High-Definition Video, Optical Lens Optical 12x / 200x.

Sony Hand Cameras HDR-SR11: This 60GB digital video camera provides you outstanding image quality and higher performance.

Specifications: Digital video camera with the full capacity of 60 gigabytes, full capture, and 1920×1080 recording. High definition video, 12 x optical zoom.

Canon’s second flash digital video camera, the same small package that still offers excellent high-definition video quality. In the high resolution of advanced video encoding, the image failed to provide a high definition viewing experience.

Specifications: Digital Video Camera, Flash Memory Card, Full Capture 1920×1080, High Definition Video Recording, 12x High Definition Zoom Lens Video.

Although it has a little flick, long lens and excellent video quality make Canon DC 230 cheap compared to other digital video cameras.

Specifications: Digital Video Camera DVD, 1.07 megapixels, Optical Zoom 35x, DVD-R (8cm), DVD-RW

Canon provides a great DVD video camera that produces excellent video.

Specifications: Digital Video Camera DVD, 539 Megapixels, Optical Zoom 10 X, DVD-R (8cm), DVD-RW (8cm), DVD-RL (8cm).

JVC GR-D250: Although JVC offers a variety of digital video cameras, the G-D250 stands out well, the right economic and broad scope was zoom value.

Specifications: MiniDV digital camera, 25 x optical zoom / 800 x digital zoom. Retail: $ 279.00

Ultra Flip: You can not write the camera flip, better than the original pure digital flip, cannot miss the second edition. The invention of video recording, flip, abuse market represents more than 15% of all sales of digital camcorders. The leading manufacturers are ready to come up with flip simulations and similar versions. Flip Ultra can be considered a “simple” digital video camera.


There is not much to mention when it comes to specification. The screen does not scroll for small (1.5 in) and self-portraits: no settings, menu buttons, light, lens cover, or memory card. There is no optical zoom, just a 2x digital zoom. There are still no shots. The whole unit is pocket size, three buttons, game, stop and trash. Except for a battery, it works with AA batteries (alkaline batteries take about two hours and can be recharged for up to 5 hours).

Without tape or disc, the combined USB connector, which highlights an angle of 90 degrees per camera body, and all the images are downloaded through the connection of your computer and downloading the image. Then it saves it on your hard drive and records it on a DVD and edits it to the most typical editing programs. You can use a special cable to connect to TV and view images.

Press the red button to record the entire shooting process once and close it. To review the video, press the View button and delete the trash to remove the view. What is this?

Yes, this It’s easy to fit somewhere, easy to fit digital video cameras and enough light to carry a baby. Its size lets you go somewhere, you do not have a traditional video camera anywhere, like a bag, a beach bag or a pocket. It is difficult so that you can take it on the field of skiing, play, exercise and virtually anywhere you have to record some clips. And if you’re getting an acrylic baggage bag (retail: $ 50), you can even take them under the water!

With all of this simplicity, Flip offers an incredibly good image quality. It has a TV resolution that produces 640 x 480 pixels and 30 frames per second. The picture is surprisingly good, and it is not as good as high-definition video cameras or digital tapes.

Must check:


What Your Smartwatch Can Tell You About Your Health

The smartphone is only just a little over a decade old. Quickly followed by tablets and then, more recently, smartwatches, a series of connected devices is now the norm for many.

If you’re wearing a smartwatch you could be using it for all manner of things – answering calls, checking messages quickly or tracking activity. But there’s a whole host of data your watch may well already have that you might not even be using yet.

Your Sleep Habits

Many Smartwatches have the hardware required to track sleep effectively. Some have an inbuilt application to do this, while you can download apps to do this if yours doesn’t.

If you wear your watch to bed, you could find out easily:

  • How many hours you are sleeping
  • The quality of that sleep
  • Your heart rate while you sleep

This is all vital in assessing whether your sleep is of the quality and quantity you need to maintain good overall health.

Your Activity Levels

Many of use a basic pedometer. But your activity is more than just the steps you take. And modern smartwatches have the ability to track all sorts of activity:

  • The amount of time you spend standing versus sitting
  • Your heart rate during various types of activity
  • Estimated calorie burn based on your movement and heart rate

Your Resting Heart Rate

Many smartwatches track your heart rate all day long. This means you have access to information about your heart rate for the whole time you wear the watch. As your resting heart rate is a key factor in a picture of your cardiovascular health, this data is valuable. And while most doctors will conduct tests of their own in the event of a problem, a record of such information could be really useful should you ever need to seek advice for heart related issues.

What it can’t tell you!

It’s amazing to have so much information to hand and the capabilities of our technology are only improving with time. But of course, no hardware can yet give us a picture of our internal health. That said, innovative companies like Forth with Life provide customers with home blood tests and an intuitive, informative dashboard of results they can access on smartphones. This brings the missing piece of the puzzle directly to your mobile device.