How to Create and Install Animated Wallpapers on Your Android

Certainly one of the biggest advantages of the Android mobile operating system over its competitors – and one of the main reasons its users like this system so much – is its high level of customization. Thanks to its open nature, it is possible to modify the look of just about everything on the system: from icons to wallpaper, even allowing the installation of launchers that completely change the user interface.

But those who like to customize their Android are never satisfied, right? What if you could create and install animated backgrounds different from the few that come in the system? And the best: using your photos for this, making your smartphone even more your face? Well, know that there are many easy ways to do it and some cool wallpaper maker apps to help you!

Today we recommend specific apps to create your wallpaper, which allow you to design beautiful live wallpapers on your smartphone using both photos saved on the device and photos uploaded to social networks and image hosting services. Given the nature of a wallpaper maker features (complex animations, transition effects, etc.), you may feel your smartphone’s battery power is getting drained a little faster. But not more than usual, when using photo and video editing tools. You can always check and make sure your battery consumption is in control in Settings – Battery.

Live wallpapers 4K and HD Backgrounds by Wave

The Wave Live Wallpapers app lets you create HD wallpapers and animated backgrounds based on images saved on your device. At first, it scans your smartphone for folders containing images, showing them in a list. Just choose the desired folder, select one or more images and let Wave’s wallpaper maker generate your 3D wallpaper in seconds. There are also options to configure the speed of transitions or adding overlay and touch effects for your animated backgrounds.

Photos can also be obtained from image hosting sites like Picasa, Flickr, Reddit and other social networks.

Photo FX Live Wallpaper

The Photo FX Live Wallpaper does not allow to connect to social networks to download photos, or has the option to download images from Flickr and Reddit as Free Gallery, working exclusively with locally saved images. Despite this, the highlight of this application is the way the animated wallpaper is generated, creating an animation with several photos scattered on the screen as if they were physical photos spread out on a table.

So why not give it a try and use a wallpaper maker today to design your own pocket fun art and personalize your device?


5 Smartphone Accessories That You Cannot Live Without

Whenever you buy a phone, don’t forget to grab the accessories to go with it. They not only add personality to your phone but also make it useful and easier to use. 

Wondering how to get these accessories at the most reasonable prices? Use vouchers for May 2021 on ShopCash and you can outfit your phone with the best of accessories at lower prices!

Phone Case

No matter how much you adore your phone, it is susceptible to a certain amount of heavy usage, resulting in scratches and unflattering markings. Make your device last longer by purchasing a smartphone case or holster that will keep it safe and comfortable. Smartphone cases are available in a range of colors and designs.

Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are mainly used for amusement, such as listening to music. They introduce new technologies that allow one to listen to music from his mobile phone or tablet without the need for an actual wire/cord connection. Compared to speakers on your phone or tablet, Bluetooth speakers have a much greater sound quality and clarity.

Mobile Adapters

A smartphone adapter is a must-have accessory that comes with your phone or tablet. It is used to charge your phone or tablet. Since it is portable, you just plug it into a power source and attach it to your cell phone or tablet to charge. They also come with various power cords that you can use from various power sources; for example, others can be used in a vehicle.

Mobile Data Cable

Cell phones and tablets store many records, including personal information, images, songs, and so on. This necessitates the redistribution of data to other computers or sharing data with others, which is where cell data cables come in. They usually come with a USB cable that you can plug into computers or portable hard drives.

Wired Headsets

In certain areas of the world, driving with one hand while using your mobile in the other to answer calls is illegal. Invest in a pair of hands-free headphones to stay healthy and out of trouble. They, too, come in various models and colors, with prices varying widely depending on the company.


What You Need to Know About Phone Systems

Every business needs a phone number, so every business also needs a telephone system to utilize the phone number. When choosing a phone system, it is important to be familiar with the available technology.

Private Branch Exchange

A private branch exchange or PBX business phone system is a private phone system for your business that will allow employees to talk directly with both coworkers and external callers. A PBX is a traditional system connected to a landline and has been used by businesses for decades; it enables incoming callers to choose the department or extension they wish to be connected with. Similarly, employees can speak to each other by simply picking up the headset and pressing a button. A PBX system does require physical equipment so it can become expensive to install and maintain but it does allow a business to customize customer greetings and choose how to route customers when they call.

Key System Unit

Another type of phone system is called a key system unit or KSU system. This type of phone system connects landlines to a centrally installed hardware unit where each phone is physically connected to the KSU system. This system can be basic and is a good choice for small businesses but expansion can be difficult once the landline capacity is reached; it also requires on-site service and maintenance, so it can become a costly option.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

A voice over internet protocol or VoIP phone system is a more recent innovation where the ability to make and receive calls is hosted through the internet with no equipment installations or costly maintenance since everything takes place through the cloud. These types of systems are great for companies that don’t want to maintain hardware or software and want to have the option to easily expand.

The PBX, KSU and VoIP phone systems offer several options that allow businesses to customize their systems to various degrees to suit their preferred method of communication.


Top Reasons Why the Cost of iPad Screen Repair is High

We’ve been in the business of iPad screen repairs in Sydney for over two decades, and have repaired everything from the basic iPad model to the new Apple iPad Pro. When you look into the Apple products, the company has kept the design of their iPad pretty much same for,

  • Chassis
  • Motherboard
  • Battery
  • LCD
  • Glass

In Apple iPad 2, it has a separate glass and LCD which make the repair cost lower and cheap. If you have dropped your iPad 2 unknowingly, you can fix it by yourself and can save a considerable cost. But, later on, Apple launched iPads with advanced design and there is no separate glass and LCD in iPad. The reason why Apple merged the two products to save memory and enhance the battery life. This change has led to an increase in the cost of iPhone repair.

The iPad models for which the cost is low are,

  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad mini gen 1-3
  • iPad Air

For the following iPad models, the cost of iPad repair is higher.

  • iPad air 2
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad 5
  • iPad pro 9.7
  • iPad pro 12.9

So, if you are spending a significant amount of cost for iPad repair, you must hire the right repair service provider to save your cost. Here we’ve listed a few tips to choose the right iPad repair service provider in Sydney.

  • The service provider you chose for iPad repairs in Sydney must use quality replacement parts that are bought from the authorised dealers. Some shops use cheap products to increase their profit, so watch out for replacement parts that has blueish hue or dimmed brightness, scratch, and more.
  • Always keep in mind, the cost of high quality products remain the same. So, watch out for shops that offer low repair cost because they must be using low quality products. Remember the cliché ‘you get what you pay for?’ Well, that’s not far from the truth.
  • The service provider who use cheap products offer short warranty but when you get iPad repairs in Sydney, you will get a warranty that will last for some time. While a 90-day warranty is the most common in the industry, some service providers will also offer a six months warranty on their repairs.
  • Get referrals from your friends and family, and read online reviews to ensure that the shop you are choosing is reliable and reputable. It’s easy for the service providers to say that they are using high-quality parts, but referrals and online reviews show whether these guys are truthful to the public.

Choose Expert Phone Repair Services

Owning a mobile phone is extremely important not only for business people but also for people at home and school. Cell phones are designed not only for imaging and checking the Internet but also for communicating with someone in an emergency. Therefore, it is recommended that you have a mobile phone. However, cell phones may be damaged, and some cell phones are disabled for some reason and cannot be used.

If your phone is not working correctly, you can worry. The problem may be in the form of a blank screen, battery failure, broken screen, and so on. These are all common problems facing their owners. However, with proper assistance and expert services, all these problems can be easily solved. Most of these services are provided free of charge during this warranty period, which is usually one year. Find a right, expert, and reliable device repair service is a tricky task, but it is essential.

Here are some options you can think about. Buy a new device, try repairing the phone yourself, or move it to a known phone repair shop. For many people, buying a new phone is the most convenient way. However, the budget may drop significantly or may not be worth the cost of purchasing a new block. Of course, there are emotional factors: the device was transferred to you by your family, or you saved money that you hardly gained when you bought this phone, so it can not be removed entirely.

If your mobile phone does not cover your warranty, you can try repairing your mobile phone. Most people can find many online resources that can serve as a guide to completing tasks, from blog posts to online videos. However, pay attention to some precautions before repairing your phone. On the one hand, you can cancel the phone’s warranty. After that, you need to provide the right tools for the job. If you try to repair the phone using the tools available, you may not get the expected results.

Thirdly, you need to find the parts yourself, many of which may not be available to the average consumer. Some of these parts can only be protected in online stores. You should consider whether these costs, including transportation, are worth it. Your phone plays a vital role in your life, be it in business or in any way. Therefore, it deserves an excellent device repair service.

Therefore, before attempting to implement independent reforms, you should ask yourself if you are prepared for the costs, tasks, and risks involved. The easiest way is to seek help from a professional engineer with the knowledge, skills, experience, and tools to get started. In Dubai, many reputable stores allow you to quickly and affordably repair your smartphone. The key here is to spend time figuring out which of these seminars offers the best service. Connect to the Internet to see each store’s reputation among consumers. However, before contacting these stores, it is recommended that you back up relevant data and delete confidential or confidential information. For this reason, we recommend choosing an experienced phone repair service.


Get To Know About Android App Development Companies

Before developing an app for android one most genuine fear arises is about the less knowledge of the program. This is often seen that people don’t explore their ideas to build an android app because of this fear. We have been provided with many app building platforms with little investment.

We can build an app for selling of a product, for gaining some knowledge or it can be for anything as such. The chief executive officer of the app development country of Australia is shane perera. He provides the most efficient and functional app to the users. He has developed around 1000+ apps.

Services Offered By Android Apps

The Android app offers us various services like:

  • It has removed the gap between the client and the developer. The client can very easily contact the developer without any hesitation.
  • It has provided a platform to enhance your capabilities and programming skills
  • The businessman has got a great platform to advertise their brand and grow their business.
  • It is cheaper for the android app Development comapnies to develop an application on android. Software Development kit is provided for free to the developing team which minimizes the cost of development.
  • It will be the benefit for the business to integrate the trending social networking sites with the android app.

Advantages Of Developing An Android App

Android app is the most famous and expanded development of Google. It is developed with features which are updated after a few days to be in competition. It is the most flexible platform for business, websites, and blog. It is simple to use and adapt. New users of the smartphone take a few minutes to learn how to operate them.

The ultimate goal of a businessman is to generate income and to make their business popular and attract potential customers for their products and services. Android app companies provide some benefit listed below:

High ROI:

This is the best advantage of developing an android app. It provides the developers the SDK SHowbox ios 2020 i.e., Software development kit which they can utilize in developing their apps. It provides all the development tools for the free. The one-time registration is required and thereafter you can utilize all the tools for free.

Therefore Android App development provides the great user-friendly and business-friendly platform. It is the opportunity to upgrade and grow your business and advertise your brand.


Types of IP Geolocation Lookup’s

IP Geolocation Lookup’s

IP Geolocation is the geographical location of a device by using an IP address. The location can be gathered when one uses their devices such as phones, laptops or any other gadget that is of electronic nature. This is a technique used to look up a person’s information such as the country, region and the city they live in. With using the persons IP address, you can find out a lot about the person that is in question. The technology is used in server mail systems and websites.

The IP Geolocation lookups are mostly accurate, and the position can be used to locate the person. It can help in the growth of the business because the owner can have a general overview of who buys what item and how well it is doing in some regions. It is easy to get as long as you are logged in to the internet.

Types of IP Geolocation

W3C Geolocation API

Worldwide web consortium is an interface to retrieve the location information of a client’s device. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and cell IDs can retrieve the most common sources of location information. The location is given in accuracy.

The API will get the geographical location of the device and will accurately point out the location of the device. It, however, has privacy issues. To prevent people from finding your information, it is recommended that the API supply is implemented by the browsers and ask the users permission before revealing their accurate locations. API offers a one-time position request and is updated continuously.


This is often related to Geolocation. It is the process of finding the geographical coordinates such as the latitudes and longitudes. The geographic areas include the specific address and city. The coordinates can be mapped out and entered into the information systems. The textual location of the person is done by reverse Geocoding. The Geocoding databases come with complete information of the coordinates, the region, country information and additional information that you require to find an address.

IP Geolocation

The IP geolocation lookup data can be found in databases or web services. It helps users to build IP geolocation solutions. This type of Geo location is a great technique to find someone’s location. It can find information on the postal code, area code, weather station, and the mobile provider.

The service is commonly used by authorities to find the location of people who are linked to a crime. It can also be used by the business to know their client’s location and send them packages they ordered. It can also be used to determine how the client base is growing. The IP Geo location can also help in finding a persons’ location through their phones in case they have been abducted or lost. Geolocation can be used for both good and bad reasons. It’s important that you protect yourself from intruders that can track you down. Always make sure that you are safe when logging online.


How to Make Messages Look More Interesting

It is seen that messages are used commonly nowadays to convey thoughts. People are always using their mobiles to type a message and send those so that thought can be shared. It is also seen that at times reading through a message becomes monotonous and so does typing the same. There are means now available which makes typing a fun and so to read the messages.

Ways to Have the Best of Messages

When searched there would be many such means possible to apply to make typing a fun and at the same time reading through not monotonous. Touchpal is one such way which can be adapted. It would be great to know exactly what can be done so that one can apply those while typing and make a message livelier.

Auto-correction: This is a unique feature which can be had having such an app on the mobile phones. As one types it is not always possible to keep a close eye on the spelling. The app does that and auto-corrects the spelling accurately. It not only autocorrects but also suggests the next word in the most accurate manner. This also helps to type a message and shortens the time taken to type.

Make the message lively: One definitely wishes to make the message sent lively so that the reader does not get bored. The app can predict and display the best emoji and also allows using the best of stickers. Having such a means will enable one to convey thousand of words without actually typing one and make the message meaningful and lively at the same time.

Proper use of GIF animation: The app makes possible to use the best of GIF animation. One need not search for such the words typed would be converted to a GIF animation automatically by the app. One can easily understand how lively and amazing such a text can be where there is a proper use of GIF animation.

Make typing a fun: One can easily change the theme of the keyboard with the help of such an app. The keyboard would not just be words or number but will be a picture of one’s liking on which those numbers, letters and signs would be displayed. Not only that, the use of such an app makes typing easy and less time taking. So, one can easily send a text within a short frame of time and convey the thoughts in a unique manner which could be easily understood by the reader.

Ease of having the app: One may be thinking how to have such app as Touchpal. It is quite easy having such there are ways to download those directly from Google Play or App Store. So, it would not be difficult to have such an app if one has an internet connection on the phone.

So, having such an app one can change the entire concept of messaging and will love to use that for the ease that it offers. So, it would be ideal to download one before typing the next message.


Buy smartphones online at the best price

A smartphone is a necessity in this day and age. There are so many models available now at different price points. The latest smartphones have new and improved technology that makes lives much simpler. It helps us stay connected and is a vital part of our everyday life. From health and fitness to conducting important business transactions, the latest smartphones can do it all. The number of choices can be quite confusing. To get an idea about how to choose the best smartphone for you, have a look below.

  • 4g android mobiles: 4g is the latest in mobile technology. Earlier it was impossible to have internet connection and be on a call at the same time. 4g has changed all of that. If you want to buy a 4g mobile, go for 4g Android mobiles. Android is very user-friendly and easy to use. It is no wonder that 85% of all mobiles out there are 4g Android mobiles. The latest smartphoneshave a clean interface so that there is no lag and it runs smoothly. There are different phones that have certain features but if you are looking for an all-rounder and budget is not an issue then try Google Pixel XL or Google Pixel 2. It has the best camera, processor and features. If you are obsessed with selfie then go for Oppo or Vivo. There are budget smartphones as well by Nokia, Panasonic and Samsung.
  • Best range of smartphones: There is a smartphone within budget for you no matter how less it is. You can even get a good smartphone for less than Rs 10,000/-. You can find the best range of smartphones under Rs 20,000/-. Just make sure to go through all the specifications before you buy smartphones online to ensure that it meets your requirements.
  • Smartphone offers: There are many smartphone offers available if you buy smartphones online. From EMI, no-cost EMI to heavy discounts during sales. You can even exchange your old phone for the latest smartphones. There are even great plans if you get a new SIM from a telecom provider. The offers are endless so you can enjoy having a smartphone without spending a lot.
  • Apple iPhones: They say that once you own an apple iPhone, you will never go back to other phones. This is true. Apple iOS runs so smoothly and offers such a great experience to the user that it is difficult to switch to any other brand. Android is slowly catching up but Apple remains at the top. Apple iPhones are normally expensive but they have budget models like iPhone 6 that are pretty affordable. Even if you do decide to buy the latest iphone like the Apple iPhone X, you can get really good offers if you buy smartphones online.
  • Keypad mobiles: Keypad mobiles are great for the older generation because it is not very complex to use. Even if you are young and want a spare phone, keypad mobiles are the way to go. They are reliable and easy to handle. They are not as fragile as the latest smartphones and do not cost a lot of money.


Get Your Phone Repaired Fast with Mobile Experts Today

To say your phone is one of the most important parts of your life is an understatement. It’s hard to name one thing that’s more integral to your life on a day-to-day basis. There was a time when that might have seemed vain, but the fact of the matter is, today most of us use our phones throughout the day for a variety of tasks. You use your phone to do everything from taking and sending photos, to storing massive amounts of information, to texting and calling loved ones – and maybe playing some Candy Crush in between.

All of that must be put on hold, however, if your phone meets with disaster.

Thankfully, you can get your mobile phone repaired in rapid fashion with the help of the best reviewed mobile phone repairs company in Norwich.

Rapid Response

When you’re left without a working mobile phone, it can feel as though you’ve been cut off from the rest of the world. In such a situation, the last thing you’re going to want is to be kept waiting. That’s why the best mobile phone repair teams answer all queries for assistance in a quick and timely manner, working to get your mobile phone repaired and returned to you as quickly as possible.

Mobile Repair Services

The best mobile phone repair teams can fix a wide variety of different phones and electronic devices, including:

  • Mobile phones by Apple, Samsung, and other leading manufacturers
  • Tablets
  • Laptops

Get your mobile phone or other electronic device repaired in a hurry with Norwich’s best team today.