Nowadays, having a great variety of jewelry companies, both luxury and mass-market ones, makes it challenging to find a unique manufacturer who won’t design the same-looking rings and bracelets. What’s more, most of you want to get natural stones with authentic design and high-quality metal.

Heavy Stone Rings is a reputable US business that specializes in crafting original jewelry. By cooperating with this manufacturer, you’ll find what you want, thanks to the in-built AR 3D configurator. Thanks to this option, you’ll be able to see a specific ring in all variations available in the Heavy Stone’s collections. So, you’ll assess jewelry decently. Its classic design with a top-notch bite attracts even the most demanding customers.

Indeed, 3D configurator software helps to promote and sell products effectively by engaging wider audiences. By clicking on the designer mode, a customer will be able to create a personalized ring. It’s possible to choose the base material you want your jewelry to be made of, its shape, and width. You also can choose a laser pattern on the ring or leave it unchanged, select the finish by making a polished or hammered surface, or add a gemstone. So, as a result, you’ll see what ring you’ll get in real life.

Additionally, with the 3D product customizer, you have a chance to view the final design of the ring at 360° from all sides. The thing is Heavy Stone uses the 3D product configurator for e-commerce from Expivi. Let’s outline shortly what its peculiarities are and how a client can benefit from it. The mission of the 3D configurator software is to facilitate sales and engage more audiences by empowering clients’ experience on the website with 3D and AR options.

It enables you to create a personalized site design with almost endless possibilities for your clients. Here are the pros you’ll enjoy from the Expivi 3D configurator:

  • Ability to view a product at 360°: it’s easy to zoom, rotate, size, and change the material, shape, and width. Spin the image and make the needed changes.
  • Real-time pricing just after you finish adjusting the needed option for the final product.
  • Increasing the sales rate thanks to the interactive 3D AR software that enables a buyer to try a product he’s interested in. Moreover, this option reduces returns by 12% since the 3D configurator provides a client with some kind of entertainment while creating a product they want to get. This option enhances conversion and brings more profit.
  • Gamification of your shopping by making it customized to the max.
  • Ability to digitize products by uploading their 3D models via Expivi software and then integrate them into the e-commerce platform.

All in all, due to a high-end 3D product configurator software from Expivi, a website owner can hook more audiences to their online shop and apply diverse models, materials, and constructions to view the item from every side. What’s more, the 3D AR configurator will boost your business by presenting extra sales and improving the user experience of the website. Expivi assists in breaking the ice in the e-commerce business by making you an industry leader.