4 Powerful Android Educational Applications for Learners

If you love to learn new things and you seek more and more stuff then you must not miss out on applications. There are so many educational applications available on android that you can feel rich all the time and without any hassle.

You can find a wealth of options on third party store named 9apps for your educational application hunt. There is everything that you might be looking for. But again, to make it easier for you, following are a few of the best and most loved educational applications that you should not miss.

  1. EdX

EdX is one of the more distinct education apps. Instead of catering courses from professionals, it caters courses from actual colleges. You would not get a legitimate college degree out of them. However, there are different courses in computer programming, history, engineering, psychology, nutrition, statistics, and thousands of others. It features online or offline video lectures, different course announcements and even handouts, and diverse tutorials. All of it is fully free. Anyone looking for higher education must have this app right away.

  1. MyScript Calculator 2

MyScript Calculator 2 is a fun math application for both kids and adults. The app lets you write out problems with the finger or a stylus. The app then converts the writing and solves the problem for you. The app is one of the most visually loved calculators that you might have ever seen. It supports a number of operations, like that of basic algebra, basic arithmetic, basic trigonometry, and some other stuff as well. You can easily write out some things, such as division and fractions, various different ways ”You may also get valuable information from teaching strategies webinars. This is highly recommended for the ones in grade school, high school, and even the ones who are part way into college.  Indeed, anyone who has maths on their nerves can make the most of this app.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another powerful education platform. It caters a variety of courses and classes to folks. It presently boasts over 10,000 instructional classes, videos, and other content. It is all completely free as well. Khan Academy tackles with more characteristic education, such as economics, mathematics, history, science, and more. They also have an app particularly for kids that haveseveralof the same features. It’s surely one of the better free education applications. You can learn a lot from this app and get the content right in your hand.

  1. Quizlet

Quizlet is debatably the best flashcards app out there. You can make use of it for virtually any topic. You can practice terms for your grade, memorize vocabulary terms, and much more. It also encompassesforeign language support, images and also that of audio, and you can share flashcards with friends. The free version gets you a limited number of flashcard sets to make use of. The pro version eradicates all of the limitations. This app would definitely boost your knowledge, enhance your grip over concepts and get you an edge in your studies as well.

Thus, if you don’t have these four applications in your device, you surely don’t have something intelligent. These apps have the power to transform you for better. Youmust check them out.


Don’t Worry, Be Happy… and Solve Puzzles

You will never get enough of solving puzzles because there are many free puzzle features delivered to you every day. Unwind and enjoy over 10,000 free HD images that are of incredible quality.

What are puzzles?

A puzzle is a game that examines the player’s creativity and ability to think outside the box. The game expects the player to put puzzle pieces together in an organized and logical way to reveal the solution to the puzzle. The procedure of solving puzzles is fun and mind relaxing.

Puzzles come in various genres such as jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, word-search puzzles, logic puzzles, relational puzzles, and number puzzles. They are usually forms of entertainment, but they can also contribute significantly to mathematical research.

Solving the puzzles involve recognizing the patterns and observing a specific order. With critical thinking ability, players can solve puzzles with great ease. More so, puzzles based on discovery and inquiry are the easiest to solve by many gamers.

Daily puzzle games keep you locked in through unique and attention-grabbing elements that include;

  • puzzles’ wide range of free beautiful, high-quality images. Gamers select the pictures from various categories like challenging puzzles, art, animals, landmarks, flowers, nature, and colors.
  • Mystery puzzles. The players take up the challenge to determine and uncover the things hidden from them. You win the game when you successfully reveal what is in the picture, which allows the next level of the puzzle to present itself.
  • Daily free puzzle. The game never loses taste; there are more than 10,000 HD collections that gamers gain access to freely.
  • The gallery is updated daily. As a result, gaming enthusiasts never lack free puzzles because the gallery is refreshed on a daily basis.
  • Useful hints. Whenever the player is stuck, the game provides a clue to help figure out in the right direction what match could be the most suitable fit.
  • Custom backgrounds. Puzzles have theme elements that support background color and image customization. Players can select their preferred image appearance and color to solve the free puzzle games with more energy and pleasure.
  • Ease rotation mode access. Turning on the rotation makes the game more fun and tricky enough for players to feel the challenge.
  • The puzzle game has a range of 9 to 400 pieces. As the number of pieces increase, the puzzle game becomes more challenging. Players are always eager to try out a new bit after completing the other. 

Puzzles pose great benefits to gamers:-

  • They enable players to develop strong attention to detail skills. For example, it takes keenness to identify unique differences in shapes or colors to complete the game.
  • Gamers take various approaches to solve puzzles, thus boosting their problem-solving abilities.
  • The game keeps you engaged and relaxed, therefore, relieving stress.
  • Solving puzzles is fun and entertaining.
  • It makes gamers stay in a good mood.

If you were undecided whether to start playing puzzles or not, then this article should trigger you to make the bold step of kick-starting your puzzle gaming experience. The fantastic features and the level of entertainment will make you dive deeper into the game.


Hack Any Instagram Account In No Time

Instagram is a social media platform and being used by the individuals of all age no matter they are quite young or old enough. It not only enables their social inclination but there are lots of other things that can be performed with by using your own social media account created on instagram. Lots of people are going to be tired off in enjoying long tail chats with their near and dear ones as well as there are few who will also be posting their everyday activities to let others know about whatever new they have came across in their life.

Hack any instagram account effortlessly

Social ethics and moral values are the fairy tales when it comes across to know about the existence of those hackers who are working hard to get the access of an account without even knowing any user id or password. Today the internet is stacked with lots of valuable information that will help not only these hackers but to those individuals as well who are looking forward to access an instagram account. The websites like as well as others are also doing the miracles in this context and helping the individuals to be capable enough when accessing the data of those individuals having their instagram account.

Try forgetting the password

Hacking any account is not so wired but there might be various circumstances that will define it whether it is quite effortless or hard to nut. If you were lucky enough to have the account holders email id, user id and mobile phone with you, forgetting password will be a great idea to get the access. You just need to install instagram on your mobile device. Further you will be able to add the account to enter the user id and email in forgot password section. You can also chose the message sending option to find the one time password and it will help you to reset all before you are getting trapped.

Using variety of software

Forgot password might not be a full proof idea if you are not so lucky to have their email or mobile phone. Today there are loads of hacking applications available that will help you to get immediate access in your desired instagram account without even facing any sort of worries ahead. You can also get the help from as well as other websites that will not only help you find the effective account hacking solution but these will also be able to help you in performing the task too in most effortless ways.


Advertising Formats for Mobile App that are Worth it

Not everything is valid on the small screen, nor do all advertising formats for mobile apps. So, our Ad Revenue experts are going to present you the most used options and the ones that generate the best return on investment. To discuss more, contact us at

1- Native ads

The Native ad is a practice to include content promoted on a platform, according to style and format of editorial contents. The native ads respect and adapt to the look and feel of page or content on which it is inserted.

2- Traditional banner

It is the traditional display advertising based on graphic elements such as images in jpg or gif format. These ads are usually included at the top or bottom of the mobile or tablet screen, and may or may not be interactive.

3- Inter-scroller or expanded banners

It is about those interactive ads that allow the traditional and small banner to expand and lengthen, thus improving its visibility and being able to offer more information. It may contain all kinds of components such as videos or image galleries.

4- Interstitial Ads

They are the so – called pop-up ads that come out covering the entire height and width of the device’s screen. This creative format is served in full screen when a user visits the home of a mobile portal.

5- Videos

Probably the most effective advertising format for various reasons, but the main one is due to its high CTR and the ratio of clicks that occur in a video to the total impressions that are served is higher than any other type of ad.

6- Pre, mid and post-roll

The pre-roll advertising is to show the (usually short with a maximum duration of 30 seconds) video advertising just before displaying the content that the user searched. It is seen in full screen andoffers the possibility of skipping the ad and going directly to the content sought.

7- Rewarded videos

These advertising formats for mobile devices considerably increase engagement with the brand and refer to non-intrusive videos for users since they receive some type of incentive to watch it (virtual prizes or discounts). They provide added value for consumers as they provide a specific benefit.

8- Location targeting

This advertising format takes advantage of the geolocation of the mobile device. First, a message is launched asking for the user’s permission to send them advertising information and, if they accept, the closest location is sent to them via a map.

9- Slideshow banner

Finally, this type of advertisement fulfills the function of a drop-down catalog to detail additional information about a product or service. With the simple swipe of the finger, the user is presented with more than one piece of content.


Save More in the Future with Unmetered Dedicated Servers

When you finally settle for dedicated hosting services, there are probably tons of options you get to consider. From selecting the amount of bandwidth you need to decide the kind of storage type you prefer for your business, there is so much to select and gain what you need for your business. Thankfully there are hosting providers who provide us with competitive rates dedicated servers which benefits business in tons of ways.

The best part is not only will you save more, but you can also even customize it as and how you need to. You can customize it also from time to time. Not to forget you do not have any monthly bandwidth usage limits to get bothered with. Thus, you are saving a lot here as well.

Not only cheap unmetered dedicated servers tend to be the absolute option for gamers but now becoming highly popular amongst website owners too. It tends to work best with those who are not sure about their bandwidth requirements.

You gain highly flexibility

One of the prime reasons why you must trust unmetered hosting is because even if you use a lot of bandwidth, you need not worry about paying more at the end of the month. This means that you get to use as much bandwidth as you wish to. There is no set limit, plus, you only have to pay a set fee at every month’s end.

Any dedicated server’s components are the operating system, applications, and internet access. All these components are located in the hosting company’s data centers. As both Linux and Windows servers can be used by one dedicated server, both Linux dedicated servers and Windows dedicated servers are available.

The Performance tends to rise naturally

When you do not have to keep worrying about your bandwidth usage, you can explore and work more on your website, e-commerce shop, game server, blogs and so forth. Be it whichever platform, you get to work and explore more with an ideal unmetered hosting package. You can easily install and use software and applications. You get to optimize the overall functionality of your site too. You need not get worried about the way your site performs ever, at least when it comes to bandwidth usage.

You will not easily lose your data. Plus, when it comes to the speed and traffic, you will enjoy the maximum speed as there will be no more blockages in your speed and traffic. You will get the latest versions of the dedicated servers with the help of which you can easily customize your servers. The server provider also offers some of the best servers dedicated to one’s which are very fast.


Can I Save Other People’s Instagram Photos?

There are not any options that are provided by Instagram to allow people to save other people’s images on their devices. You will have to download some other app from the store to do so. However, Instagram does provide an additional option of bookmarking the pictures or videos that you like. But for that to work, you need to have access to another person’s account meaning that you follow them, or their account is public on Instagram.

Once you bookmark any content using your Instagram account, it kind of gets saved in your profile. These saved items could be accessed only when you log in to your Instagram as this feature does not save the content on your phone. Another problem with the bookmarking option is that you will be able to access the content only when you are connected to some internet source. Without an internet connection, you could not see these pictures even though you have saved them separately.

Another option available to the users for saving data from Instagram on their phone is the feature called “Download your data”. Using this option, you could download all the content in all forms related to your Instagram profile. All the data will be made available to you through the e-mail account that has been registered and associated with your Instagram account.

Another option that could be used by people to save pictures, videos and other content from Instagram on their mobile phone device is that they use some third-party app that is made specifically for this purpose. There are a large number of apps that are available on all the app stores (Android, Apple as well as windows) that would allow you to download Instagram photos directly to your device. The data saved using these apps go directly into your phone memory and could be accessed like any other offline data available on your phones. The pictures will be visible in your phone gallery and you would not need an internet connection to access them.

While talking about saving content from Instagram on your device, it becomes very important to consider whether downloading content from Instagram to your device is permitted or not. Although Instagram does not provide any feature to save data into your device to maintain the privacy of its users, it does not explicitly prohibit you from reposting it as well. All you need to do is to get permission from the original creator of the content and you are good to go. You could also use some downloader tool to download all your favourite pictures and videos on your device and save them forever, but you are again not allowed to post it without the owner’s explicit consent. As a person posting on Instagram you have the right to ask anyone to remove your pictures or videos from their account or to pay royalties for using your content on their feed.

Hence, following simple steps and being a bit extra care would help you in avoiding any legal action against yourself.


Why are vidmate and 9apps useful for everyone?

Everyone wishes to stream live videos and watch them for free. However, we should check amazing applications to fulfill requirements. Of course, vidmate 2019 is a reliable app that permits you to save videos as well. This is a fantastic platform that invites everyone to gets outstanding benefits. You can use a Smartphone to watch everything instantly. It gives best solution for you to save videos without any hassles. It will help you access anything in a single click. This platform is handy for users who want to obtain it as quickly as possible. It is a top-notch app where millions of users have it on their phone. It provides hassle-free needs by fulfilling your expectations as soon as possible. But, this stands along a best one due to its unique functionalities. It prefers you to access them freely depends on entertainment apps for your desires.

Does it offer a user-friendly interface?

On the other hand, it will help you watch any albums within a single click. Without any problems, a user gets them to find out many things as quickly as possible. This is called as best video streaming application flexible under your desires. By using this app, you do not feel bored continuously. Users must get outstanding benefits to achieve your desires. One can quickly get whatever they need for free. It allows everyone to gets excellent results by watching on different platforms. Thus, it handles new features and releases latest updates as soon as possible. Without any doubt, anyone can use it for free to stream everything quickly. It is a most powerful platform with vast collections of audios and videos. It depends on your mobile configuration to set with a high-speed internet connection.

Is it possible to download it for free?

Furthermore, 9apps gives excellent benefits to users who want to search for lots of applications. In a single click, you could access anything from your mobile. Therefore, users must get amazing results forever. It gives a smooth solution for you to consider best class outcomes according to your desires. This platform finds lots of platforms within a single source. It is the most trusted store to get whatever apps you need for your mobile. It saves time as well as gets everything related to your search. This store has numerous applications to download within a single click. So you will be free to search for whatever you want. You can get lots of collections by updating regularly. You could find out more at a single instance without any hassles.

Without worry, one can use this platform to access anything for free. It provides a guaranteed solution for users who could wait for a long time. This store has lots of unique features that enable you to access them quickly. In this store, navigation is straightforward, as well as user interfaces. It allows you to get more than others without waiting for a long time. Download many apps that are easy to configure and use for your desires. Users can save apps to their mobile regarding unique applications instantly.


Is Vidmate Helps You To Watch Videos Without Internet?

Are you tired of video buffering issues due to poor network connection? No matter whatever the network connection might be, but users wish to enjoy video streaming. But, when you are facing buffering issues while enjoying your favorite videos, then surely it will spoil the entire experience, right? If you are the one who wishes to enjoy the favorite videos and want to download them directly on your handset, then you have to go with the video downloading mobile app.

Of course, there are so many video grabbing tools are accessible in the ground, but Vidmate is the best and powerful video hosting platform and offers you a great way to avail of clips from several sites such as Metacafe, DailyMotion, YouTube and a lot more. But, these networks have certain limitations and so you are not able to enjoy the most wanted videos, right? This is where vidmate is here and solves all your buffering issues while watching video on your handset.

Sometimes, we use to surf internet simply in order to pass the time effectively, right? During the course of time, people used to watch unlimited assortments of media files. But, having vidmate in the sense, then you are all set to free to watch and gaze at the clips which you want to access on the phone. Without any restrictions, you are possible to have a fun with countless number of clips.

Why choose vidmate for certain?

Surprisingly, vidmate is a tool which paves a great way to enjoy your favorite media files even without an internet connection. Once you have downloaded on your handset, then you are all free to watch at anytime and anywhere. The best and possible way to download most wanted clips is that you have to set up vidmate, one of the most wanted video downloading tools for free. Vidmate takes away all the buffering issues which you will meet with the normal video downloading platform.

As in general, when you are searching for the videos which you want to grasp, then you need to access multiple video hosting platforms, right? Though you can achieve the one which offers a bad quality picture resolution and so you can’t get full satisfaction. If so, then you can’t face this issue in the vidmate app since it has an in-built converter and so it will be easy for you to search the contents. Just like search interface in any other platforms, vidmate has simple and stylish search engine and so you can search out any of the videos.

Are vidmate offer different formats of videos?

Downloading a video through vidmate app is just a simple way to enjoy the media files in an offline mode. Vidmate always allows you to benefit from endless media files in different formats such as MPEG, MP4 and a lot more. This particular feature is not confines in any other video hosting platforms. Visit the third party app store 9apps and enjoy vidmate app for free!!


What are the types of mobile apps?

Mobile applications have three main types and each has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of speed, performance and form. In this article you will learn about these three types and the difference between each.

Native Ads

Such applications are developed according to the mobile operating system only, and do not work on another operating system, whether in the world of mobile phones or computers.

An example of this type of application, an application built to run on the system “Android” will work on Android systems only, and will not work on mobile phones running the operating system IOS of Apple, and therefore will not work on computer operating systems. In other words, you won’t be able to use the Android app on your iPhone.

The main advantage of native apps is high performance and a good user experience because developers use the native device UI. Furthermore, access to a wide range of application programming interfaces (APIs) that do not place any restrictions on the use of the application.

Native apps can be clearly accessed from each system’s app store such as Google Play or the App Store.

Some disadvantages of native applications are higher cost compared to other types of applications – due to the need to create duplicates of the application for all other operating systems and not just one system, in addition to the separate support and maintenance of the application on all operating systems making the native applications the most expensive.

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Hybrid Apps

It is built using multi-platform web technologies (e.g. HTML5, CSS, Javascript). This type of mobile app is also called hybrid or hybrid applications due to the introduction of web technology in its programming. Hybrid applications have pros and cons and we will address them now.

Hybrid apps are relatively fast and easy to develop and this is a clear advantage of this type of mobile app. Maintenance is also low cost and updates are easy to get. APIs, such as a gyroscope, can also be used for geolocation.

On the other hand, hybrid applications lack speed and overall performance compared to native applications (for example, Native Apps). Also, there are some design problems because the application cannot appear the same on two or more operating systems.

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Web Apps

These are software applications that behave similarly to native applications. Web applications use a browser to run and are usually written in HTML5, JavaScript, or CSS.

These applications redirect the user to the URL via their mobile browser so they are called web apps because they were originally a software application to work on a web browser.

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Is Install 9apps Download 2018 Version Is Right One?

Are you searching for the best range of mobile app stores? Then choose 9apps download 2018 version on your device. This single app store gives enormous benefits to users in all the ways. These app stores are the most popular platform that comes under an extensive range of benefits. With the help of the application, the user can bring their desired mobile apps and games quickly with free of cost.

What are the purposes of using 9apps?

Using this application, you can download all the latest mobile application games, themes, wallpaper, stickers, ringtones, and many more. It is an app store designed for user satisfaction. This software was implemented by a China-based Company referred to as Alibaba Group. This platform contains so many numbers of applications, games, and many more things that are used for people today. Therefore all set to choose anything based on your choice.

At the same time, it will never ask you to pay any cost of the download your preferred apps and games. You are enabled to take any of the mobile applications free of charge, such as the latest trending apps, popular android games, and so on. If you have this platform, then you no need to spend any of the value. So these are one of the benefits of using this application.

This app store you can use without any restrictions. And it allows the user to get all your likely apps and games based on your choice freely. Then people can take anything by using unique features of this app store. This is most specialist app store comes under most valuable and worth for using. This will help you a lot over others.

Why the 9apps store?

It contains so many numbers of apps and games for both popular and non-popular ones. As well you can download any of third party app stores also. There are plenty of choices you can get when using the tool. So you all set to choose any of the files according to your preference. These are a quality platform, so do not allow any issues on your device.

Today there are many numbers of app stores available around the world. But this only app store gives benefits to you. And also, various kinds of mobile applications are available, but you need to have the right platform to store all the demands on your device. Therefore these are ideal choices to use to collect your desired apps and games easily.

It is considered a first app store, among other choices. Then it is accessible on all platforms, so install it once on your device and enjoy the benefits. Then share the excellence to all. Also, the apps that are unavailable on any of the platforms you can install it from the official website. This 9apps download 2018 is connected with added benefits, so whenever you choose to download, surely this are supports to you. The different sections and options of the application also help even better.