Certainly one of the biggest advantages of the Android mobile operating system over its competitors – and one of the main reasons its users like this system so much – is its high level of customization. Thanks to its open nature, it is possible to modify the look of just about everything on the system: from icons to wallpaper, even allowing the installation of launchers that completely change the user interface.

But those who like to customize their Android are never satisfied, right? What if you could create and install animated backgrounds different from the few that come in the system? And the best: using your photos for this, making your smartphone even more your face? Well know that this is not only possible, there are many easy ways to do it!

Today we recommend specific apps create your wallpaper, which allow you to create beautiful live wallpapers on your smartphone using both photos saved on the device and photos uploaded to social networks and image hosting services. But beware: given the nature of the generated phone wallpapers (complex animations, transition effects, etc.), your smartphone’s battery power may be consumed a little faster than normal.

Live wallpapers 4K and HD Backgrounds

It is offered by Wave Live Wallpapers and it lets you create HD wallpapers based on images saved on your device. At first, it scans your smartphone for folders containing images, showing them in a list. Just choose the desired folder, select two or more images and the 3D wallpaper is generated. There are also options to configure the speed of transitions.

Photos can also be obtained from image hosting sites like Picasa, Flickr, Reddit and from other social networks.

Photo FX Live Wallpaper

The Photo FX Live Wallpaper does not allow to connect to social networks to download photos, or has option to download images from Flickr and Reddit as Free Gallery, working exclusively with locally saved images. Despite this, the highlight of this application is the way the animated wallpaper is generated, creating an animation with several photos scattered on the screen as if they were physical photos spread out on a table.