If you love to learn new things and you seek more and more stuff then you must not miss out on applications. There are so many educational applications available on android that you can feel rich all the time and without any hassle.

You can find a wealth of options on third party store named 9apps for your educational application hunt. There is everything that you might be looking for. But again, to make it easier for you, following are a few of the best and most loved educational applications that you should not miss.

  1. EdX

EdX is one of the more distinct education apps. Instead of catering courses from professionals, it caters courses from actual colleges. You would not get a legitimate college degree out of them. However, there are different courses in computer programming, history, engineering, psychology, nutrition, statistics, and thousands of others. It features online or offline video lectures, different course announcements and even handouts, and diverse tutorials. All of it is fully free. Anyone looking for higher education must have this app right away.

  1. MyScript Calculator 2

MyScript Calculator 2 is a fun math application for both kids and adults. The app lets you write out problems with the finger or a stylus. The app then converts the writing and solves the problem for you. The app is one of the most visually loved calculators that you might have ever seen. It supports a number of operations, like that of basic algebra, basic arithmetic, basic trigonometry, and some other stuff as well. You can easily write out some things, such as division and fractions, various different ways ”You may also get valuable information from teaching strategies webinars. This is highly recommended for the ones in grade school, high school, and even the ones who are part way into college. Indeed, anyone who has maths on their nerves can make the most of this app.

  1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is another powerful education platform. It caters a variety of courses and classes to folks. It presently boasts over 10,000 instructional classes, videos, and other content. It is all completely free as well. Khan Academy tackles with more characteristic education, such as economics, mathematics, history, science, and more. They also have an app particularly for kids that haveseveralof the same features. It’s surely one of the better free education applications. You can learn a lot from this app and get the content right in your hand.

  1. Quizlet

Quizlet is debatably the best flashcards app out there. You can make use of it for virtually any topic. You can practice terms for your grade, memorize vocabulary terms, and much more. It also encompassesforeign language support, images and also that of audio, and you can share flashcards with friends. The free version gets you a limited number of flashcard sets to make use of. The pro version eradicates all of the limitations. This app would definitely boost your knowledge, enhance your grip over concepts and get you an edge in your studies as well.

Thus, if you don’t have these four applications in your device, you surely don’t have something intelligent. These apps have the power to transform you for better. Youmust check them out.