With the ongoing pandemic, ruthlessly slaying thousands and millions, we were stuck in our homes, writhing in fear of being infected with the disease. To kill time and drift our attention away from the stresses of life, we have racked it out on our televisions, watching shows and dramas. Somehow, we entertained ourselves by watching our televisions and restraining ourselves from feeling anxious about other things. 

As time passed by, these televisions have been leveling up in terms of technicality and class. This creation has developed from squared-up boxes to flat screens, then comes the Smart tv that is run-up by android, so many changes, so many modifications, and integration of new concepts to be with the times. Now, OLED screens come into play alongside transparent screens that are shockingly phenomenal. It is transparent. Few companies manufacture it for now, but we can expect it from them soon.

Transparency Capped up to 93%

Xiaomi’s Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition beat LG’s version in terms of transparency. In 2020, LG was leading, with up to a 40% transparency rate, it allowed people to see through the television. Xiaomi, on a different corner, released their transparent TV and displayed a whopping 93% to overthrow LG and other brands like Panasonic and Samsung, which also released see-through TVs. These TVs are ready to take your watching experience to a whole new level. With little to no bezels, these TVs provide us with screens where you can watch your favorite series or dramas while seeing through the television itself. What more can we get with this technological spur?

Be Wowed in Awe

With this latest technology at hand, we can’t help but think how talented the creators behind this invention are. LG’s self-lit pixels is just as astonishing as it looks. Their transparent TV contains these self-lit pixels that do not sacrifice the quality and vividness of the colors that you would get from their ordinary televisions.

Xiaomi did not disappoint, although, in this aspect, LG has the upper hand. Powered by a MediaTek 9650 chipset, the Xiaomi Mi TV Lux provides us with high quality and resolution images that are pleasantly looking to the eyes, not so bright nor dim, just right. It is also backed up with a 120 Hz refresh rate that allows users to experience a smooth interface to toggle with. This 55-inch OLED transparent TV also has an AI Smart Engine which provides us with 20 algorithms for optimization – another quality that can boost your TV’s performance.

Transparent TVs in a Restaurant? LG has it

For restaurants with over-the-counter kitchens, these transparent TVs do give them a benefit. This TV provides a transparent wall or boundary that sets the chef and the customers apart without necessarily not seeing each other since you have a transparent screen. This also eases the work for getting the orders since they can pick what they want and maneuver with the TV since LG provided a touch-screen display. Ridiculous as it may, some restaurants have installed it already.

Aside from the facts given above, it also improves safety and hygienic purposes. Since we have been exposed to viruses in the last year, it would still be a good thing if we keep on doing sanitary things so that we can avoid mass transmission, like what happened during the reign of covid. Considering all these benefits, you would still want to double-check if you need it since it comes with an expensive tag.

A Classy Get-up with Transparent TVs

Interior quality is always preferred when choosing TVs. This time, however, the choice is facing us right now – transparent TVs. Who wouldn’t want to add TVs that are special, extraordinary, out-of-the-box, and phenomenal to their homes? This glass-like television gives us a classy feel that makes the interior design look superior compared to those with ordinary ones. 

Typically, TVs are found in the living room where most people in the house stay during the day. Transparent TVs getting into the scene will be a great addition since many people would notice right away the exquisiteness. Aside from that, given the price that it comes with, the luxurious feel is there, and you can feel it.

Aside from the living room, others also prefer the television in their bedrooms. For that specific situation, LG has a setup where their transparent TV can be installed right at the foot of your bed. With a click of a button, the TV comes out of its shell to reveal itself. All-in-all, this TV would be great for your home, period.


Transparent TVs can be our ticket to the future. What lies behind this is the creative and never-ending curiosity of the minds who created this magnificent creation. Who knows what they can build and create shortly? These TVs are wonderful enough to blow our minds and present us with displays that are phenomenal and exquisite. From powerful chipsets to amazing OLED displays and self-lit pixels, we are may have firsthand experience with these techs that are new and fresh.

Let us not waste this opportunity and throw it in the bin. Yes, it requires a huge amount of sum to purchase the actual TV, but what it offers is enormous and out of this world. Where else can you get TVs that are as transparent as glass? With smoother and faster refresh rates, it truly gives us the best user experience that we are looking for. It would not go to waste since we get what we want.

Aside from that, we are also able to encourage other innovators to create as much as these companies because we appreciate what they have built, and that boosts their self-morale. Boosting their confidence means more fresh and new ideas that can blow our minds again. They have offered us transparent TVs and other similar tech and they can offer more to us. We’ll just have to wait and see what’s in store for us.