There is no one among us who does not love to watch videos. Some of them could be motivational, others funny and our initial reaction is to watch it many times. But there exists a strong possibility that you might not be connected to the internet at all times. So when you are dealing with smartphone video downloading does go on to become essential. Most of them smartphone operators have in built video downloader apps installed on to their mobile phones. But since Google play store does not allow you to download these apps, let us flip through a list of other third party apps that have gone on to storm the market in a big way.

AVD downloader

This is one of the popular video downloading apps that allow you to download videos on to your Android device. Tonnes of videos are downloaded on a daily basis with the help of this app. So as to download a video you just need to click on the file and the process of downloading starts off instantly.


This is one of the noteworthy video downloading apps that provide you steady access to videos or files from a host of sites. Vidmate allows you steady access to full HD videos, TV shows and a lot more. If you are not looking to download the videos and save space on your mobile phone then you can steam the videos. Though the collection of movies is in abundance do not expect to come across any pirated version of the movies. This could be one of the main reasons why Vidmate app is running till date without any hassles. A host of interesting features like pause and play, copying the URL directly on to the device are notable features of this app. Due to some odd reasons this app is not available to be downloaded on the Google play store.

YouTube Go

This is another popular Android app that allows you to download videos. But in certain cases you cannot download the videos due to certain copyright restrictions or even there is a breach of condition. For downloading YouTube videos this is one of the best apps that can be easily seen offline. Another notable feature of this app is that it allows video sharing between couples of Android devices without establishing a connection to the internet. By the help of this app you can go on to select the quality of video that you desire.


A notable popular video downloading app that has gone on to grab a lot of eyeballs is Videoder. The app is presented with a smooth interface and android users are allowed to download videos from a host of sites and this includes social media sites. Another interesting feature of this app is that you formulate download links of the videos that are part of a site for many years. Even it is going to save time along with effort that is needed in order to switch between applications.