Linux VPS Servers

These Days Linux VPS has been increasingly chosen as a hosting plan by people over some basic hosting plans that are available in the market. It is an excellent choice for website owners or administrators who wish to benefit from the flexibility and infrastructure of private servers, but the cost-effectiveness of shared hosting.

Why A Linux VPS?

The number one reason is usually that you want to run packages that are yet not standard shared hosting. The extra reason could be that you require a solution that is more scalable than the shared hosting solution. Also, maybe you‘re not yet at the point where you need a dedicated hosting solution.

However, here is a contradiction. One of the main reasons for switching to a Linux VPS hosting server could go wrong is not enough memory. Most hosting providers start the packages at 128 MB of memory.

When you are running a website on web server 128 MB is usually not enough for the average user. So to make the process smoothly and without hassle, you will need at least 256 MB.

Add your user’s count and a statistics plan; maybe even a firewall as well as anti-virus & anti-spam for an email server. So, you will have to choose an overhead between 512 MB and 1024 MB. So, in that case, you can visit the official website of hosting raja.

Linux Dedicated Servers

If you have landed here, you’re looking for a Linux Dedicated Server. We are a resource site for those seeking to lease a Linux Server. You will find a list of great companies below that will provide you with just that, a dedicated server running the Linux Operating System. Linux servers are better than their counterparts for many reasons. Stability, Security, Uptime, Hardware Compatibility, Total Cost of Ownership, Open Source Freedom, and the list goes on. No matter what Linux flavour you choose, CentOS, RHEL, Debian, or Ubuntu-based systems, the best part is that the server is dedicated, you have total control, and share its resources with no one. Whether you’re a Veteran Linux User or just doing some research, you’ve come to the right place.

Why Linux Dedicated Servers?

Perhaps you’re upgrading from a shared hosting plan, run lots of websites, need more server resources, looking for a more cost-effective solution, or just researching Linux server leasing companies. Whatever the reason, searching out companies that provide Linux Dedicated Servers can be a daunting task. We have compiled a list of companies both large and small that provide Linux Servers. You will see large well-known companies, but you will also see lesser-known companies that can provide you with an excellent Linux server. Whatever your preference, Welcome! We truly hope you find what you’re seeking at Hosting Raja.

Using Linux saves you the money, which could be used to buy better hardware that is the foundation of any IT project.