Mobile applications have three main types and each has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of speed, performance and form. In this article you will learn about these three types and the difference between each.

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Native Ads

Such applications are developed according to the mobile operating system only, and do not work on another operating system, whether in the world of mobile phones or computers.

An example of this type of application, an application built to run on the system “Android” will work on Android systems only, and will not work on mobile phones running the operating system IOS of Apple, and therefore will not work on computer operating systems. In other words, you won’t be able to use the Android app on your iPhone.

The main advantage of native apps is high performance and a good user experience because developers use the native device UI. Furthermore, access to a wide range of application programming interfaces (APIs) that do not place any restrictions on the use of the application.

Native apps can be clearly accessed from each system’s app store such as Google Play or the App Store.

Some disadvantages of native applications are higher cost compared to other types of applications – due to the need to create duplicates of the application for all other operating systems and not just one system, in addition to the separate support and maintenance of the application on all operating systems making the native applications the most expensive.

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Hybrid Apps

It is built using multi-platform web technologies (e.g. HTML5, CSS, Javascript). This type of mobile app is also called hybrid or hybrid applications due to the introduction of web technology in its programming. Hybrid applications have pros and cons and we will address them now.

Hybrid apps are relatively fast and easy to develop and this is a clear advantage of this type of mobile app. Maintenance is also low cost and updates are easy to get. APIs, such as a gyroscope, can also be used for geolocation.

On the other hand, hybrid applications lack speed and overall performance compared to native applications (for example, Native Apps). Also, there are some design problems because the application cannot appear the same on two or more operating systems.

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Web Apps

These are software applications that behave similarly to native applications. Web applications use a browser to run and are usually written in HTML5, JavaScript, or CSS.

These applications redirect the user to the URL via their mobile browser so they are called web apps because they were originally a software application to work on a web browser.

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