There are not any options that are provided by Instagram to allow people to save other people’s images on their devices. You will have to download some other app from the store to do so. However, Instagram does provide an additional option of bookmarking the pictures or videos that you like. But for that to work, you need to have access to another person’s account meaning that you follow them, or their account is public on Instagram.

Once you bookmark any content using your Instagram account, it kind of gets saved in your profile. These saved items could be accessed only when you log in to your Instagram as this feature does not save the content on your phone. Another problem with the bookmarking option is that you will be able to access the content only when you are connected to some internet source. Without an internet connection, you could not see these pictures even though you have saved them separately.

Another option available to the users for saving data from Instagram on their phone is the feature called “Download your data”. Using this option, you could download all the content in all forms related to your Instagram profile. All the data will be made available to you through the e-mail account that has been registered and associated with your Instagram account.

Another option that could be used by people to save pictures, videos and other content from Instagram on their mobile phone device is that they use some third-party app that is made specifically for this purpose. There are a large number of apps that are available on all the app stores (Android, Apple as well as windows) that would allow you to download Instagram photos directly to your device. The data saved using these apps go directly into your phone memory and could be accessed like any other offline data available on your phones. The pictures will be visible in your phone gallery and you would not need an internet connection to access them.

While talking about saving content from Instagram on your device, it becomes very important to consider whether downloading content from Instagram to your device is permitted or not. Although Instagram does not provide any feature to save data into your device to maintain the privacy of its users, it does not explicitly prohibit you from reposting it as well. All you need to do is to get permission from the original creator of the content and you are good to go.  You could also use some downloader tool to download all your favourite pictures and videos on your device and save them forever, but you are again not allowed to post it without the owner’s explicit consent. As a person posting on Instagram you have the right to ask anyone to remove your pictures or videos from their account or to pay royalties for using your content on their feed.

Hence, following simple steps and being a bit extra care would help you in avoiding any legal action against yourself.