Have you ever heard of ELDs or Electronic Logging Devices? Well, ELD is the latest technology used by the drivers of commercial vehicles to record Hours of Service and driving time. This device captures data on a vehicle’s movement, engine and miles driven.  In this write-up we have jotted down the key details on ELD and described the benefits and features. To gain more information on Electronic Logging Devices, feel free to go through the following article.

ELD Regulations in the United States

Most of the carriers in the present trucking industry have adopted the latest electronic logging devices in compliance with the state rules. The regulations imposed by FMCSA on the use of e logs for truckers crosses over 500 pages. As per the ELD Mandate, the drivers and motors carriers keeping records of their duty status must opt for electronic logging.

 The Key Features of Electronic Logging Devices

The FMCSA has structured three major requirements for the ELDs or electronic logging devices. The ELDs should conform to set precise technical specifications, be FMCSA registered and certified by manufacturers. The ELD solutions are offered typically in two formats:

  1. All-in-one packages including devices with pre-loaded mobile applications.
  2. Bring Your Own Device or BYOD solutions that the carriers might put on the existing hardware.

 A tablet or smartphone can also be used as an integral part of ELD solutions considering the fact that it meets all technical specifications as set by the FMCSA. Also, the device should be registered and certified.

Functions and Features of an Electronic Logging Device

  1. ELD can be synchronized internally with the vehicle’s engine control module.
  2. The device automatically record details and driving time.
  3. ELD records location.
  4. The device allows electronic data transfer: local (Bluetooth or USB 2.0) or telematic (email or wireless)
  5. Enables tamper prevention.
  6. Certification of a driver’s records.
  7. Displays reports on-demand for safety officials.
  8. Audio controls (mute and volume)
  9. User manual.

The Benefits of Using ELDs

  • It simplifies compliance.
  • Increases efficiency and productivity
  • Improves driver safety
  • Reduces admin costs and time
  • ELDs help in tracking departure and arrival time.
  • It helps in monitoring the delivery status.
  • The device also enhances the accuracy of records.
  • ELDs also help in improving communication with the drivers.
  • The device never fails to increase vehicle uptime.
  • It provides accurate reports of engine faults for proper vehicle maintenance.

The carriers of commercial vehicles keep trucking app in order to record the duty status. Also, it helps the drivers to track the driving limits. However, to get the best device, all you need to do is rely on the right provider. Research well and look for an ELD provider with years of experience and positive reputation in the industry for offering highest quality products at best prices. You can look for client feedback in the testimonial page to check what they have to say about the services they offer.