It is seen that messages are used commonly nowadays to convey thoughts. People are always using their mobiles to type a message and send those so that thought can be shared. It is also seen that at times reading through a message becomes monotonous and so does typing the same. There are means now available which makes typing a fun and so to read the messages.

Ways to Have the Best of Messages

When searched there would be many such means possible to apply to make typing a fun and at the same time reading through not monotonous. Touchpal is one such way which can be adapted. It would be great to know exactly what can be done so that one can apply those while typing and make a message livelier.

Auto-correction: This is a unique feature which can be had having such an app on the mobile phones. As one types it is not always possible to keep a close eye on the spelling. The app does that and auto-corrects the spelling accurately. It not only autocorrects but also suggests the next word in the most accurate manner. This also helps to type a message and shortens the time taken to type.

Make the message lively: One definitely wishes to make the message sent lively so that the reader does not get bored. The app can predict and display the best emoji and also allows using the best of stickers. Having such a means will enable one to convey thousand of words without actually typing one and make the message meaningful and lively at the same time.

Proper use of GIF animation: The app makes possible to use the best of GIF animation. One need not search for such the words typed would be converted to a GIF animation automatically by the app. One can easily understand how lively and amazing such a text can be where there is a proper use of GIF animation.

Make typing a fun: One can easily change the theme of the keyboard with the help of such an app. The keyboard would not just be words or number but will be a picture of one’s liking on which those numbers, letters and signs would be displayed. Not only that, the use of such an app makes typing easy and less time taking. So, one can easily send a text within a short frame of time and convey the thoughts in a unique manner which could be easily understood by the reader.

Ease of having the app: One may be thinking how to have such app as Touchpal. It is quite easy having such there are ways to download those directly from Google Play or App Store. So, it would not be difficult to have such an app if one has an internet connection on the phone.

So, having such an app one can change the entire concept of messaging and will love to use that for the ease that it offers. So, it would be ideal to download one before typing the next message.