A smartphone is a necessity in this day and age. There are so many models available now at different price points. The latest smartphones have new and improved technology that makes lives much simpler. It helps us stay connected and is a vital part of our everyday life. From health and fitness to conducting important business transactions, the latest smartphones can do it all. The number of choices can be quite confusing. To get an idea about how to choose the best smartphone for you, have a look below.

  • 4g android mobiles: 4g is the latest in mobile technology. Earlier it was impossible to have internet connection and be on a call at the same time. 4g has changed all of that. If you want to buy a 4g mobile, go for 4g Android mobiles. Android is very user-friendly and easy to use. It is no wonder that 85% of all mobiles out there are 4g Android mobiles. The latest smartphoneshave a clean interface so that there is no lag and it runs smoothly. There are different phones that have certain features but if you are looking for an all-rounder and budget is not an issue then try Google Pixel XL or Google Pixel 2. It has the best camera, processor and features. If you are obsessed with selfie then go for Oppo or Vivo. There are budget smartphones as well by Nokia, Panasonic and Samsung.
  • Best range of smartphones: There is a smartphone within budget for you no matter how less it is. You can even get a good smartphone for less than Rs 10,000/-. You can find the best range of smartphones under Rs 20,000/-. Just make sure to go through all the specifications before you buy smartphones online to ensure that it meets your requirements.
  • Smartphone offers: There are many smartphone offers available if you buy smartphones online. From EMI, no-cost EMI to heavy discounts during sales. You can even exchange your old phone for the latest smartphones. There are even great plans if you get a new SIM from a telecom provider. The offers are endless so you can enjoy having a smartphone without spending a lot.
  • Apple iPhones: They say that once you own an apple iPhone, you will never go back to other phones. This is true. Apple iOS runs so smoothly and offers such a great experience to the user that it is difficult to switch to any other brand. Android is slowly catching up but Apple remains at the top. Apple iPhones are normally expensive but they have budget models like iPhone 6 that are pretty affordable. Even if you do decide to buy the latest iphone like the Apple iPhone X, you can get really good offers if you buy smartphones online.
  • Keypad mobiles: Keypad mobiles are great for the older generation because it is not very complex to use. Even if you are young and want a spare phone, keypad mobiles are the way to go. They are reliable and easy to handle. They are not as fragile as the latest smartphones and do not cost a lot of money.