Semi Automatic Vs Fully Automatic Which One is Better

Do you like spending weekends washing clothes? Nobody in this world wants to spend their weekends washing clothes. Everyone is aware about the effort needed to wash clothes manually. The introduction of washing machines has revolutionized the way of washing clothes. People find washing clothes comfortable and convenient. With technology developments washing machines with features like digital display, child lock, etc. has been introduced to improve washing experience.

Washing Machine Styles

Fully Automatic: These fully automatic washing machines contain single motor, which is actually capable of both washing and spinning. Moreover, manual intervention is not required in fully automatic washing machines. In fact, everything program functions automatically. This type of washing machines generally contains a single tub for both drying and washing. Hence, you don’t need to transfer clothes manually from the washing tub to the drier, as in the semi-automatic units.

These fully automatic washing machines come in two different styles and they are

  • Front Loaders
  • Top Loaders

Have a look below to know about them in detail –

Front Loading Type

The fully automatic front loading washing machines are designed for efficiency in respect of water and energy. They also have in-built water heaters. Hot water can effectively kill the bacteria on clothes, bed sheets and curtains. Even if your family is large, there are some manufacturers offering washing machines with inbuilt heaters with larger capacity i.e. you can load almost 15 bed sheets in the drum, at a time.

The front loading washing machines are quite expensive when compared to traditional top loader because of the advanced features offered. However, you can find some good deals on Samsung washing machines online using comparison websites like For those people who are worrying about the space in their home need not worry because front loading washing machines are available in different sizes. Hence, you can pick a washing machine according to your requirement.

Top Loading Type

You have to load clothes from top in this type of washing machines. Hence, you need not have to bend to load your washing machine. The main benefit of these top loading washing machines is the speed of the wash cycle is very high and gets completed much sooner in comparison. These washing machines are also available at very affordable price online.

Semi-automatic: These semi-automatic washing machines are generally available in top loading style. Besides, they contain 2 tubs one for drying and the other for washing. Hence, manual intervention is required in this type of washing machines to move your clothes from the washing tub to the drier.

In semi-automatic units user is responsible for filling the water with bucket or pipe. While in fully-automatic the machine takes water as needed and stops, however, the water pressure need to be substantial and constant. In terms of wash quality fully automatic offers the best but semi-automatic provides moderate.

Semi-automatic machines are inexpensive because of limited functionalities and features. On the other hand, you will be paying for much advanced features in an energy efficient fully automatic unit.