if you fan of slope crazy games then you must love to play Special Forces Group 2. Special Forces Group 2 is an android High quality Graphics game developed by Forge Games. If you are see for new and awesome action game, then you really want to know about Special Forces group 2.  You should try latest version of Special Forces group 2. Guns abound in surplus here, and as expected in real-life missions with special weapons, equipment, and accessories like AR-10 upper’s to increase in mission success, so is here to improve gameplay. This game is really awesome for android users. It is a friendly user interface. There are many action games on Google play store, but this game is very interesting . It is hard to play but not for everyone. Over all it is easy to play, easy to download with amazing graphics. Special Forces group 2 is good for action game players. The Graphics of this action game is high quality and HD graphics and much more.  It is FPS game Inspired by Counter – strike game.  FPS stands for (First Person Shooter).

Special Forces Group 2 is a very famous game for android devices. Thousand of games all over the world but SFG2 are the best action games. To be glad Special Forces group 2 is totally free for all the users, you have not worry to pay any payment. In the free version, here some features and items are not available; if you are interested to play with all features then you have to buy it. When you pay to buy or purchase this action game, you purchase all the latest features I m sure you enjoyed a lot. If you are not interesting to buy it and just using for free then you have to irritate or face ads and lots of offers. This game is specially design 3D shooter game. Which comes 2 basis first is Single player second is multiplayer, it depends on you if you play single player you connect only one device or if you want multiplayer then you connect many devices.

Some New Features of Special Forces Group 2:

  • FPS is 3D based game
  • It has 23 maps
  • Many Weapon are available
  • It is available in seven well known languages
  • 7 well known language are available
  • In this action game you can built your own special force
  • There are 5 Game Modes
  • 2 Basic modes (single player and multiplayer) Single player mode can be played with one android mobile devices and multiplayer can be played sharing hotspot with friends one device to another device

What’s New in Special Forces Group 2 Mod Apk 

  • Get Free skins by seeing ads
  • Skin of player can also be changeable in the game
  • New gorgeous interface
  • UMP45 added to the game
  • Skin progress can be applied now on AK74 guns
  • Texture quality setting can be controlled easily
  • Position and plan improved in the latest version
  • A player can search for name servers
  • Issues and bugs are removed on the Castle map
  • Dynamic shadows of players added

Available Languages:

7 well-known Languages are available in this game these are English, François, German, Malay Turk, Portuguese, and Indonesia

Special Forces Group 2 Weapons:

There are many weapons available free in the game, these are

  • 7 pistols are here
  • 12 Rifles
  • 5 sniper rifles with good efficiency
  • 3 grenades also available
  • 3 power full shot guns
  • Many type of knives are available
  • 3 machine guns to destroy everything
  • 3 bulletproof vests to protect you
  • A collection of swords are also available