There are currently a lot of options available for digital camcorders. Rack brand and full of models, each its features and power are unique. Here is a list of the best digital camcorders. All these cameras are available at

Canon Vixia HF 10: It’s Canon’s First Flash Video Camera It is used in small and comfortable while providing high-quality video quality and performance.

Specifications: Digital Video Camera High Definition Internal Flash Drive 16 GB, Full 1920×1080 Capture and Recording High-Definition Video, Optical Lens Optical 12x / 200x.

Sony Hand Cameras HDR-SR11: This 60GB digital video camera provides you outstanding image quality and higher performance.

Specifications: Digital video camera with the full capacity of 60 gigabytes, full capture, and 1920×1080 recording. High definition video, 12 x optical zoom.

Canon’s second flash digital video camera, the same small package that still offers excellent high-definition video quality. In the high resolution of advanced video encoding, the image failed to provide a high definition viewing experience.

Specifications: Digital Video Camera, Flash Memory Card, Full Capture 1920×1080, High Definition Video Recording, 12x High Definition Zoom Lens Video.

Although it has a little flick, long lens and excellent video quality make Canon DC 230 cheap compared to other digital video cameras.

Specifications: Digital Video Camera DVD, 1.07 megapixels, Optical Zoom 35x, DVD-R (8cm), DVD-RW

Canon provides a great DVD video camera that produces excellent video.

Specifications: Digital Video Camera DVD, 539 Megapixels, Optical Zoom 10 X, DVD-R (8cm), DVD-RW (8cm), DVD-RL (8cm).

JVC GR-D250: Although JVC offers a variety of digital video cameras, the G-D250 stands out well, the right economic and broad scope was zoom value.

Specifications: MiniDV digital camera, 25 x optical zoom / 800 x digital zoom. Retail: $ 279.00

Ultra Flip: You can not write the camera flip, better than the original pure digital flip, cannot miss the second edition. The invention of video recording, flip, abuse market represents more than 15% of all sales of digital camcorders. The leading manufacturers are ready to come up with flip simulations and similar versions. Flip Ultra can be considered a “simple” digital video camera.


There is not much to mention when it comes to specification. The screen does not scroll for small (1.5 in) and self-portraits: no settings, menu buttons, light, lens cover, or memory card. There is no optical zoom, just a 2x digital zoom. There are still no shots. The whole unit is pocket size, three buttons, game, stop and trash. Except for a battery, it works with AA batteries (alkaline batteries take about two hours and can be recharged for up to 5 hours).

Without tape or disc, the combined USB connector, which highlights an angle of 90 degrees per camera body, and all the images are downloaded through the connection of your computer and downloading the image. For getting the best angle you need an automatic balancing device but if you don’t have then use your slinger to capture the shots buy Best 3 Point Slinger at to make sure to record the best moments.

 Then it saves it on your hard drive and records it on a DVD and edits it to the most typical editing programs. You can use a special cable to connect to TV and view images.

Press the red button to record the entire shooting process once and close it. To review the video, press the View button and delete the trash to remove the view. What is this?

Yes, this It’s easy to fit somewhere, easy to fit digital video cameras and enough light to carry a baby. Its size lets you go somewhere, you do not have a traditional video camera anywhere, like a bag, a beach bag or a pocket. It is difficult so that you can take it on the field of skiing, play, exercise and virtually anywhere you have to record some clips. And if you’re getting an acrylic baggage bag (retail: $ 50), you can even take them under the water!

With all of this simplicity, Flip offers an incredibly good image quality. It has a TV resolution that produces 640 x 480 pixels and 30 frames per second. The picture is surprisingly good, and it is not as good as high-definition video cameras or digital tapes.

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