We live in some truly stressful times. The Covid-19 global pandemic is taking lives every minute. More than 725,000 people died because of it. The 20+ million people who got infected suffer from heavy respiratory problems even after the recovery. Take a look at this link to see how the numbers grow daily.

All this tells you that the measures are most important. Everyone who’s running a business and everyone who has employees work for them must do everything in their power to protect them.

One of the ideas to do this, aside from the mandatory wearing masks and maintaining social distance is installing a thermal camera that will provide data about the body temperature of everyone coming inside the premises. As you probably know, high body temperature is one of the sure signs of being infected with the virus.

In this article, we’re sharing 5 ways that thermal cameras are preventing the spreading of viruses. Read on if you want to know more!

1. The system scans everyone coming in

The best thing about this item is that it scans everyone that is within the reach of the camera. The system is connected to a CCTV camera and is using the video to see and detect the faces of people coming to the premises. See how CCTV cameras work, here: https://www.dhs.gov/sites/default/files/publications/CCTV-Tech-HBK_0713-508.pdf.

The scanner using special technology manages to scan everyone and measure their temperature. On the screen connected to the camera, a person can easily see everyone’s body temperature in real-time. Even though people themselves are not aware of it, the security team behind the screens sees everything that is needed to be seen.

If the camera manages to check out everyone coming in, then you can be sure that the office will be safe from infected people at all times.

2. It is driven by Artificial intelligence

The brain behind the thermal camera system is an artificially intelligent computer. AI technology is one of the latest breakthroughs in this world. Computers are equipped with processors and software that is able to do this.

AI is being used in many other fields and industries, but it seems like it can do a lot of work in the field of medicine and preventing dangerous diseases. Covid-19 is one of those diseases, of course. See more about AI here.

The AI computer is successfully tracking everyone walking by and manages to scan them. Then sends results to the officials waiting to handle a situation if this is needed. A standard computer can’t follow people’s faces, but the artificial intelligence computer manages to scan everyone without a chance for mistakes.

3. Sending instant notifications if someone’s sick

When the computer finds out that someone has a higher body temperature than the required minimum, it instantly sends a notification to the surveillance room. Even though it’s not strange for machines to do everything that men need, humans still are required to take the potential danger out of the area.

When the system sends a notification about a person being sick, the guards who are equipped with special equipment will take out the threat.

It’s important to get the notification instantly because the person being scanned and found having higher body temperature might leave the premises or guards lose track of his or her location. In these cases, just seconds are important.

4. Scans up to 2000 people in an hour

to take some time.

Certain systems are better than others. There are some systems that are capable to scan up to 2000 people per hour. You can see more about it on this page. This one can do so much for the safety of everyone if it is installed properly.

Imagine needing to observe a bus station where tons of people pass by every minute. It’s not easy to personally take a look at everyone, and for a computer to scan the temperature of everyone it’s normal to take some time.

5. Provide perfectly precise results

Some companies conduct check-ups with manual thermometers. Everyone who’s walking inside the building is being measured the temperature this way by a person standing on the front door.Even though this method is excellent and prevents possibly infected people get inside, it’s still not perfect. It’s not perfect for more reasons.

First, the manual thermometers can never provide perfect results as the AI scanner can, and another thing is – it takes too much time for everyone to stop and do this.Imagine working in a building where 100 companies have their offices. That’s thousands of people at the same time on one place. It’s impossible to measure everyone’s temperature manually.

A couple of thermal cameras on more entrances will do a perfect job. We mentioned that they are capable of handling thousands of people in an hour, you can be sure that everyone will be checked before they get in.


These 5 points show you how easy scanning and taking out people carrying the virus can be. If we manage to take everyone off the streets and isolate them, then day by day the virus won’t be able to go from one person to another. More importantly for you personally is that you’re getting a safe working zone.

Every little thing matters. If we manage to wear masks, keep distance, wash our hands, disinfect regularly, and make controls about possible infected people around us, we can be sure that will eliminate the virus quickly.