The continuous advance of R&D in the field of electronics allows us to increase access a wide range of solutions and tools that were once unimaginable. The 3D laser scanner is a clear example of innovation and progress, being a powerful and incomparable measurement tool that arises from the field of topography and is increasingly present in the sector of building, rehabilitation and architectural heritage. For this reason, it is important to contact the best 3D laser scanning in Manchester, if we want to do quality work and stand out from our competitors.

Let’s see 8 great advantages that the 3D laser scanner offers in the measurement or data collection:

  1. PRECISION: To speak of laser technology is to speak of millimetre precision.
  1. SPEED: The speed of reading with a 3D laser scanner oscillates between 122,000 and 900,000 points per second, so that in addition to being a very powerful tool ensures agility in the process, saving money and time.
  1. QUALITY/DETAILS: The level of detail impossible to achieve otherwise.
  1. SCOPE: Everything that remains within a radius of more than 120 meters is recorded. No scaffolding, cranes or other means of data collection.
  1. VERSATILITY: it is very adaptable to all types of terrain and situations.
  1. SIMPLICITY: Its complexity as a measurement tool is proportional to the simple operability of the record made.
  1. EFFECTIVENESS: Eliminates any possibility of doubt or misinterpretation, avoiding additional measurements.
  1. DISTINCTION: To apply a technological service of great precision gives confidence to your clients and assures you greater notoriety with respect to your competition.

The result of combining these eight advantages implies an optimisation of the time spent on data collection while ensuring consistent work, so you gain in competitiveness.