Replication is believed to be the most cost-effective option compared to duplication. If you want to know more about CD, DVD & Blu-Ray Replication and Production and how this process works, then this article is definitely for you. This article will walk you through regarding the reasons why this is the most preferred solution.

Understanding DVD Replication

Replication is a production process of physical music and data pressing into a molded disc. This is the most practical solution if you need to use more than 500 CDs or DVDs, or even over a thousand Blu-Rays. The replicated discs are also called ‘DVD ROM’ discs. ROM means Read-Only-Memory. How is it processed? Find out below.

The DVD Replication Process

This process involves an actual pressing of the discs during the manufacturing process from a glass master. This glass master is made from glass and it has been coated with a chemical that is eventually burned off using a laser. This glass master serves as the ‘negative’ of the DVD. It is then coated with a molten nickel that is turned in a stamper. This stamper punches mini pits during the production of the DVD. It uses molten aluminum as its reflective surface and also polycarbonate to complete the disc.

DVD replication is a very quick process. It is also more cost-effective compared to duplication, especially for a large number of discs. Because of the high set-up cost of replication, it is not suitable for the smaller production runs. The replicated DVDs will then be printed through a five-color silkscreen or an offset lithographic process. This will then result in a high-quality disc.

Things You Need For A DVD Replication

When it comes to DVD replication, one of the most trusted DVD and CD replication company in Australia is ImplantMedia. This is where high-quality, large quantities of discs are pressed in Australia. Prices at Implant is one of the most competitive in Australia. Here’s what you need if you want a DVD replication from ImplantMedia:

  • Order. For you to get a quote of your project you just have to visit the ImplantMedia website. There is a dedicated page for you to visit where you can calculate the expected charges through the Duplication/Replication quote calculator.
  • Master Disc. For any disc format that you need, you have to supply ImplantMedia with a master disc that is produced professionally. If you only have files, they can also create a master disc for you. But files are preferred to be up to the size limit of the DVD-R. It should also be error-checked before submission.
  • This needs to be set up to ImplantMedia’s specs. It should be provided as a print-ready PDF file. It is highly recommended for the artwork to also be created by a professional graphic designer. If you do not have the artwork, they can also provide that for you.

When it comes to DVD replication, there are plenty of companies to choose from, but the best in Australia is ImplantMedia. So for your replication needs, there’s no more need to look further because this is the name that you can trust.