Various studies show that more than 90% kids these days’ own smartphones. The teens and kids nowadays are more tech savvy as compared to the kids of 90s and 2000s. There are many reasons behind this. But the alarming part is this tech savvy and more intelligent kids are very careless when it comes to their privacy, data protection and security.

Parents never mind buying their kids and teens new gadgets and phones. But they are concerned and have serious reservations the way these devices are used by the teens and kids. Use of the internet, excessive use of games, social media, cyberbullying, trolling and few other negative ideas are more connected with the teens nowadays. In this post, we will help parents find out how they can improve online safety of their kids and protect them.

Does Your Child Need a Phone?

Here we have the most important thing parents should ask themselves. There is a need that whenever the kids demand a phone or smartphones, parents should not buy them straight. Rather, parents should take some time and think about if their child needs the phone and why will they need it. What will happen if the parents buy the child a new phone?

Parents also need to figure out what kind of attitude their children have when it comes to using the phones. Are they the bullies and trolls? Are they addicted to the gadgets and new devices? These things need to be realised before the kids are given new devices and smartphones. Furthermore, parents should be careful about the effects of using phones.

It has been noticed; kids become careless and negligent to their studies, social life, work and health when they get new devices. Beginning of such phones is awesome and attracts the new users. With the passage of time, they become addictive and parents just regret for getting their kids the new phones. This decision must be made before parents talk to their kids.

Set Time Limits

When the kids have been handed phones and devices, parents should not turn a blind eye to what they are doing. Rather, parents should ask the kids about their work, studies and how they are doing. Parents should also reduce the time limit when it comes to using the phones.

Never Compromise on Screen Time

Screen time is what we call the time spent on using gadgets, devices and phones. During this time, the kids can be using anything, watching videos, going to porn sites and all other things. So parents should try to reduce the time spent on screen. It will, otherwise, have serious effects on the health of kids. Teens will also become addicted to the internet.

Educate Yourself in Modern Time

In the modern time, it has become inevitable for the parents that they should educate themselves for the sake of their kids and children. Parents should be tech-savvy and know how technology works. Only then, they can better control their children and kids.

Use Parental Control Features

Nowadays, most of the devices come with parental control options. This simply means, setting limits on what kids can access, use, which apps they can use, which sites they can visit, which games they can play, for how long they can use the devices and etc. These settings are very helpful to protect online safety of the kids. Parents should definitely use these settings to maximise the protection level for their children.

Bring in Tracking Tools for Teens

Lastly, spy app and tracking software are there for the help of parents. It has become necessary that parents use a reliable and the best parental control app in order to track online activities of their kids. This will surely provide parents with multiple options to limit the use of phones and internet in their kids.


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