A 10-inch HP tablet completely designed for the business sector is the latest rumors about the company.

HP is a company that knows her and we know especially for the PC, not very expensive and, despite this, good quality (and is not the only company of its kind in the PC market, as well as Asus, to give just one name, knows his stuff). Today, however, we speak of the company because of a tablet, 10 inch, which would be to work for a while time, and that has been completely designed for the business sector, therefore, for companies and professionals and then certainly sold at high price.

We have not any indiscretion on the interesting technical details, but we doubt miss the feature, since it is these that make the difference in a market . Recall that the news is official, however, since the data have appeared on the FCC database: at the moment, we only know that this HP Tablet PRo 10 EE G1 may not even be an Android and will focus a lot on the resolution of the display; datasheet for now known is completed with the support WiFi b / g / n (Dual Band), Bluetooth 4.0 and 7 thousand 700 mAh battery. Good, the latter feature, but it’s very little to commend the work of HP.

The 10-inch tablet should remain an exclusive USA, according to these rumors first, but it is nothing official; then, if we were to find at more – because the products for this area are really interesting – not fail to update you promptly.