In this rapid-changing chip designing industry, a career in VLSI is in high demand. Very-large-scale integration or VLSI is a procedure of concocting an incorporated circuit with an amalgamation of a great many MOS transistors onto a solitary chip. Nowadays, we can find VLSI chips everywhere around us such as in cars, medical devices, mobile phones, home appliances etc. VLSI became popular due to its many advantages like it minimizes the circuit’s size along with cost reduction. Moreover, it occupies less space and increases the circuit’s operating speed.

The features in cell phones are increasing day by day and for that VLSI chips are required. Hence, there is need of qualified VLSI engineers having knowledge of design and verification. Especially, the employers are looking for fresh graduates for entry-level roles in VLSI. Thus, there is an increase in the strength of students who want to make their career in VLSI. However, VLSI is not limited to the knowledge given in textbooks, rather practical knowledge and hands-on practice is required to actually understand its designing and verification. Therefore, fresher graduates are looking for VLSI internships in the industry to gain the hands-on experience in this technology.

There are some prerequisites for those who want to be an intern in VLSI industry. Firstly, you should have a sound knowledge of digital electronics. In addition, the fundamentals of VHDL and Verilog HDL will help to get entry-level roles in the industry. Apart from this the other technical skills which are needed for fresher or interns in VLSI includes cognitive knowledge of Perl/ Python, acquaintance with integrated circuits, FPGA and AISC. Moreover, knowledge of C language can add a feather in the cap to get an entry into the VLSI industry.

VLSI internship for freshers is very important who wish to make their career into this industry due to various reasons. This will make a positive impact on the recruiters that you have actual practical knowledge and hands-on experience about the technology. For getting a dream job in VLSI front-end space, the in-depth apprehension about RTL design, simulation and verification are required which can only be attained with actual industry experience. Similarly, if an individual wants to pursue his career in VLSI back-end division, he/ she must have deep understanding about static timing analysis and DRC extraction for which you can get if you have done work on real projects. Thus, once you are clear about your choice of VLSI division, you can decide about the organizations where you want to become an intern.

Finally, if you make your mind for VLSI internship then always follow and check LinkedIn and other reliable websites from where you can get news updates about organizations which offer VLSI internships. By visiting career sections of the relevant companies’ websites and uploading your latest resumes as per requirement can give you the chance to get selected for your internship in those organizations. However, you can learn the fundamentals of VLSI front-end and back-end divisions from some institutions before applying for your internship.