In the old jargon it was the “coupon”. Now, the term “inspection” means the complete coupon with the overall evaluation of the vehicle, which is much more modern and includes many more checks due to the evolution and technology of the car. The current term “inspection” is therefore more suitable to describe the type of intervention on the car as the vehicle is “inspected” and checked in all its vital and safety parts. The Visual Inspection Machine happens to be perfect there.

What is the Visual inspection?

Car inspection is the periodic check of the car that serves to keep all the components that deteriorate with the passage of time and with normal use. Carrying out the inspection regularly serves primarily to drive safely, but it is also useful to save on future maintenance and repair and thus extend the healthy life of the car.

Is it necessary to make the coupon to the car?

It is highly recommended so as to become mandatory to maintain the vehicle warranty and necessary to have the vehicle always efficient and safe. The receipt / invoice issued at the end of the intervention constitute the guarantee document on the original spare parts. You can visit for the best deal now.

Check more with the inspection

In our Auto Center visual inspections are made, specific for different systems and electronics with software updates and settings.

The visual checks concerning mostly the states of wear of:

  • brakes, suspensions, belts
  • fluids (oil, coolant, brake fluid, window cleaner)
  • tires
  • wiper blades

Adjustments and checks of:

  • tire pressure
  • interior lights and bulbs, lights
  • motor liquid leaks

The specific checks are carried out according to the mileage and age of the vehicle and concern:

  • air conditioning system
  • power supply system
  • cooling system

The electronic controls:

  • ECU software updates (engine, abs, accessories)
  • wheel pressure sensor setting
  • verification of volatile memories
  • technical updates suggested by Casa Madre

In production areas, space is often a luxury, so adding more equipment to the line may seem like an insurmountable obstacle. With our Smart Camera offer, we can integrate the visual inspection component into the existing production facility, or we can work with OEMs to develop a combined system that minimizes the impact of any inspection equipment. The Visual Inspection System Manufacturer really comes up with great support there.

Smart Camera in flexible configurations

We produce Smart Cameras internally which offer great processing speed and support high resolution options. The special liquid lens option makes it possible to focus without moving parts, facilitating adjustments. Our inspection management software simplifies the transition from one product inspection profile to another and allows you to easily export production data.

Powerful PC-controlled inspection software

In the most complex PC-controlled inspection solutions, our CIVCore software supports inspection applications that require particular lighting solutions and camera layout. Connectivity with other production software allows the exchange of statistical data as well as remote access and control of the visual inspection system.

Project management and support for OEMs

In production lines there is not always the space to install an independent inspection system, and in some cases it may not make sense to separate the inspection components from the rest of the plant. We work closely with OEMs around the world to develop combined systems and offer efficient and reliable solutions that include visual inspection capabilities.