Television is one of the most common home appliances that you will see in almost all households in India. It bonds the entire family as they can sit in front of a TV to watch a movie or cricket matches or other favourite programs. Watching TV in India is one of the favourite ways to relax and pass the time leisurely.

When it comes to technologies in television, it has changed ever since the launch of the TV till date. People these days are living in a world of LED, OLED, 4K, HDR, QLED and Smart TVs.

If you are looking to buy a TV anytime soon, then you should be aware of all the leading technologies so that you can make a better buying decision. Go through this write-up to know about the latest TV technologies along with some buying options and more. Read on!

A quick look at technologies that drive today’s TV

  • HDR – High Dynamic Range

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range technology that lets a wider range of colours to appear on your TV screen. You can experience deeper blacks and more whites working together to produce dynamically advanced pictures. While the 4K technology is all about resolution, HDR is about more real contrast and colour. If you can buy a TV with 4K HDR technology, then you can have a richer experience.

  • OLED and QLED technology

Just like flat-screen HD TV buyers had to make a choice between LCD and Plasma, those looking for the most advanced technology will choice between OLED and QLED. OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes, whereas the full form of QLED is Quantum Dot LED displays. While there may not look much difference between these two TV technologies, but there remains a huge difference.

OLED is the TV technology that is currently being pushed and marketed by LG, whereas Samsung emphasizes on QLED. They are the opposite style of using technology to help a user enjoy the best colours, sharp and light contrast image. Overall, it’s nothing but pure image technology.

What about the difference?

OLED TV screens have been in the market for a while, but they are costly. The carbon film inside the panel emits own light and don’t need a backlight unlike an LCD or LED TV.

On the other hand, Quantum Dots are small particles that are nanometer-sized sitting within the displays. They are created to emit brighter and vibrant colours.

  • Smart televisions

Smart televisions may be any HDR, OLED, QLED, LED or any other type that may let you access the internet on your TV screens. The TV may also have dedicated icons for Netflix and other web-based platforms.

You can click on them to stream internet content right on your television. Such TVs are powered by Android, and most of the leading brands in India are offering such sets.

Now that you are aware of the latest technologies driving the television industry let’s have a look at some leading models to make your buying decision easy.

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  • Samsung 55 Inch Ultra HD 4K Curved QLED Smart TV

If you are looking to take your TV watching experience to another level, then the Samsung 55 Inch Ultra HD 4K Curved QLED Smart TV could be the right fit. Have a look at the TV’s features:

  • 55-inch screen
  • Ultra HD 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • 200 Hz refresh rate
  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 3 USB ports

The price of this Samsung TV is around Rs.1,59,000 in India.

  • LG 55 Inch Ultra HD 4K OLED Smart TV

Anyone willing to buy an OLED TV can rely on the LG 55 Inch Ultra HD 4K OLED Smart TV for an enriching TV watching experience. The specs of the television are:

  • 55-inch screen
  • Ultra HD 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels
  • 40 W speaker output
  • 120 Hz refresh rate
  • 4 x HDMI ports
  • 3 x USB ports

You can purchase this LG TV at a price of around Rs.1,55,000 in India.

  • Lloyd 38.5 Inch Full HD LED Smart TV

Here is an economical option to help you enjoy the best of pictures, colours and sound along with accessing the internet on the TV screen. The Lloyd 38.5 Inch Full HD LED Smart TV could be a valuable addition to your home with features such as:

  • 5-inch screen
  • Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • 16 W speaker output
  • 60 Hz refresh rate
  • 3 x HDMI ports
  • 2 USB ports

The Lloyd TV is priced in India at around Rs.30,000.

Some of the latest TV technologies along with some TV models that you can opt for are discussed. If you want to bring one home, then you don’t need to hurt your expenses.

You can divide the cost of your Lloyd TV or any other over a tenor and pay only EMIs and nothing else. Thus, you can enjoy bigger savings. The No-Cost EMI is available in 60,000+ local stores in 1300+ cities on Bajaj Finserv EMI Network.