Facebook is one of the best social media platforms that can be utilized for the marketing campaigns of your business. It is used by the people extensively not only to obtain information about friends and thee relatives but also about the other events happening in the world. The Facebook interface also promotes the advertising campaigns of the businesses. A Facebook Pixel can be put on your website which has a retargeting ability.

Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel, also called as Facebook Retargeting Pixel is a piece of code that you can insert on your website to drive traffic towards your website. It helps the businesses and ROI (Return on Investment) to improve with its help. 

The team at Skyfall Blue has expertise in Facebook Pixel integration that helps in making Facebook advertising a grand success for you. Even support is provided for various other services like web development, copywriting, media and public relations, etc.

Functions of Facebook Pixel

  • To Build The Custom Audience – It is one of the most important functions of the Facebook Pixel. The audience can be built with its help instead of building them through the social media site. The process is done in a simple and faster manner when it is put on your website and your advertising campaigns become effective. The audience which is build is more relevant than the normal Facebook users as they have already shown interest in your business.
  • To Build New Audiences – Custom audiences are great and relevant. But in order to build a new audience, Facebook retargeting pixel can be used and the new audience is built for the growth of your business. This can be done faster.
  • To Keep Track And Improve Conversions – The Facebook retargeting pixel helps in keeping track of visitors who visit a website and also informs you about the conversions taking place. You get a proper idea about the tactics which are working or not.         
  • Use The Facebook Pixel For Remarketing – The Facebook Pixel is a suitable tool to enhance your website traffic. Keeps a track of performance metrics that work for your business and helps in improving the conversions. It is the best retargeting tool on the internet.

Necessity of Facebook Retargeting Pixel 

It is a common phenomenon that when people visit your website for the first time they may not even download anything and may deny the services which are offered free. They mostly leave your website page and do a bit of research about the product and wait for something better. 

But if you are an advertiser you do not want to make it happen and you come out with an ad that says to the audience to come back and check again, this is called as retargeting or remarketing. With the help of Facebook retargeting Pixel, dynamic ads can be provided to the audience who take actions and it indicates that they are interested in buying your product.


Thus The Facebook retargeting pixel works effectively to promote your business. It is a powerful tool which helps in hitting the conversions by attracting the customers towards your website which ultimately leads to business growth and expansion.