A major project in the laboratories of Google: when will be announced this bracelet for cancer diagnosis?

Google returns to be talked about for some investments related to health and humanitarian issues just a little while ago you were talking about a tablet “anti-Ebola” and now we are here to share with you a story that involves a wearable device that can identify the cancer.

The project is of course central to the work of Google X lab where Google does not even enter virtually and in the past has pointed to some rumors about teleportation, a hoverboard and more (all projects that Google, however, has not been able to complete).

Today we learn, thanks to a request for the grant of a patent to WIPO ‘World Intellectual Property Organization’, that Google would be working on ‘nanoparticle Phoresis’, a process that aims to dramatically reduce cancer deaths, anticipating the diagnosis and supplying an timely through a bracelet: Google is at work for a long time on this wearable device, for several years it seems, and the objective is to be able to allow this kind of band fitness to detect the presence of cancer , through a particular process.

Needless to say that all the details are still unknown and that we will know more when Google will be some of the work done: we, of course, we will update you as soon as we know more.