Today we were unpacking and reviewed a very interesting product that works with most smartphones, is a base that can transform your smart phone into a slightly more professional camera, his name is Mount Cinema.

Thanks to its one you can adapt your smart phone at Cinema Mount, we will be able to adjust the height and width as all cell have different camera location we can also adapt it to suit your terminal.

Cinema Mount is a quality product that includes Premium materials including aluminum have wooden skeleton and the Grip with polished and varnished worked very ergonomic hand shape to give a better finish and have a better shooting experience.

The Cinema Mount includes two lenses, a wide angle 5x 0.45xy another macro, also includes two 85mm filters with graduated neutral density (GND) square, one is blue and the other gray, which lenses fit very easily taking full control of light and color to achieve a perfect result.

Cinema in Mount we will find the bubble level and ideal for retrofit LED light at the top accessory, as can be seen in the video. Truly amazing product, we liked their way of adapting different models of cell phones, lenses, filters and the ability to place it on a tripod and adapt him more light on top, the Cinema Mount can turn your mobile device something much more professional and fun, possibly the price may be a little high for many, but believe me it’s worth.