Philips has chosen the ‘IFA 2014, being held in Berlin until September 10, to present its latest innovations in the world of headphones. One of the works put on display in Germany is the Fidelio NC1s. This proposal is presented in company with the right credentials. It is a model of headphones to the pavilion of the family Fidelio, which introduces the technology in the range of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), in order not to disturb the harmony of the harmful elements with sound listening.

The work of the technical aims to give an audio quality and without compromise, which is mixed with a sophisticated design and advanced technology, to develop an aesthetic and functional package of suitable thickness.

The two microphones “FeedBackward” placed near the driver headphones effectively cancel the noise at low frequencies, while the two microphones “feedforward” located outside of the headphones extend to the mid and high frequencies the spectrum interested in the same mission.

Compact, lightweight and completely fold able, NC1s headphones feature a design tailored to the specifications of travelers. The memory foam ear pads are designed to provide ergonomic comfort and breath ability, ensuring a perfect listening for prolonged periods of time. The 30 hours of battery life promised by the maximum battery allow you to fly from one end of the planet before recharging. The share price touches 249 euro. The landing is scheduled on the market in October in major European markets.

Main features

  • Driver 40mm High Definition
  • Cancellation Noise high quality
  • Sound Consistently high fidelity
  • No Hiss
  • Soluzione Smart power
  • Compatte And folding
  • Microphone Button with pick-up
  • Elegante Hard carrying case for transport
  • Adapter For flights