Technically, backlinks are all made with the tag of the HTML language. However, their nature may be different. The nature of a backlink is the intent with which the backlink is published online from the linking site. The following cases can be distinctive among the various SEO techniques, useful for channeling traffic to our website, there are also Backlinks.

Therefore, if you are interested in improving your position in search engines and therefore making your content visible to a greater number of users, all you have to do is follow me in this guide.

In fact, we will see what Backlinks are, what they are used for, how to obtain them and where to buy them. You have to get backlinks in the best ways now.

What are Backlinks: definition?

This is an incoming hypertext link, or a link placed somewhere on the web, which directs a user to our site (to the home page or to a specific page). In fact, our website is mentioned in another site as it is considered important for its users, thus being a natural way to provide in-depth arguments to the reader.

Let’s look at an example

If in an article of my site we talk about how to make money with Amazon and in the same we insert the link that will take you directly to the online store, I’m placing a backlink in favor of Amazon. In this case, my aim is to provide you with a direct link and simplify the store search operations.

What are Backlinks for?

Backlinks affect the popularity of a web page (link popularity). A page linked with a backlinks (therefore a recipient of a link) will more quickly scale the SERP of search engines.

However, if in the past, to see our popularity grow, it was enough to have a high number of backlinks to our web page, today the algorithms are more demanding and restrictive.

In fact, according to Google Penguin and Panda (the recent algorithms created by Big G to counteract the nefarious Link Building) the importance of backlinks is evaluated according to the following parameters:

The quality of the site that contains the link

For example, sites with automated content without “human” interactions (such as external link lists) are penalized by Google. A well-treated and sufficiently long topic (say at least 1000 words), written according to the SEO rules, can naturally contain an in-depth link.

  • The relevance of the link with the topic to which it directs. If we sell motorcycles it makes sense to have a backlink from the site of a repair shop.

But why are backlinks so important for the popularity of our website?

  • Backlinks: advantages and limits
  • Backlinks mainly affect two factors: SEO and UX (Search Engine Optimization and User Experience).

In terms of SEO, the number of Backlinks influences as it is one of the parameters that Google uses to calculate the ranking on its search engine. Having backlinks increases our reputation, which will be rewarded with greater visibility on SERPs.