Are you looking for ways to launch a social networking platform? Yes! Then you must be familiar with BuddyPress. BuddyPress is a WordPress plugin and extends WordPress functionality to include social components to your website development.

BuddyPress allows the users to create profiles, monitor activity streams for social groups, receive notifications from groups and friends, carry out private messaging and interact effectively through discussion forums.

TheBuddyPress Development Company in Dubai eliminates many bottlenecks hindering the growth of a social networking website through professionalism.

The experts of BuddyPressor Drupal website Development Company in Dubai make the most of your BuddyPress site by ensuring you are running the plugin efficiently. Here are few tips from the experts to make your BuddyPress website operate smoothly and it is efficiently designed for great user experience.

Speed optimization

When it comes to user experience, speed is a crucial thing. Many users want to use websites that loads faster and has a great user interface. If your website slows down, you are probably putting a negative impression on the users.

For a BuddyPress website to operate faster you can integrate a virtual private server to it. It allows the site host to run their websites without sharing it with other hosting tenants and this automatically speeds up your site. The virtual private server also has the potential to increase your search engine optimization. The speed of your site plays an important role in user experience, so make sure you provide the users with better UX. The better the UX, the higher your search engine rankings will get.


If you want to attract users across the globe with your content then you need a content delivery network. It delivers web pages and web content to specific users, depending on their geographical location. Using a CDN can highlight your website’s content on multiple servers across the globe, increasing your site users effectively.

The CDN would let your content receive to the users from the nearest server effectively and with optimized speed. If you want your content to be accessible to everyone then you should definitely think of using content delivery network.

Choose your theme wisely

There are many amazing themes for BuddyPress websites on the internet. A simple search for the best BuddyPress theme will provide you with numerous results. Each theme for a BuddyPress website is designed to optimize the site as a social networking website.

Make sure you choose a decent BuddyPress theme that creates a consistent experience for your site users. For instance, the login pages should be simple and persuasive that lets the users log in at first glance and the profile pages are completely coming under your design style preferences.

Customize your profile and registration form

BuddyPress plugin does not allow you to customize user profile and registration forms and this could be an issue for some people. People who want to create specific sites to know different things about their users can use a profile builder plugin. This plugin works efficiently with BuddyPress and you can easily customize user profiles with it.

There are other plugins such as WP User Frontend Pro that have great profile building capabilities. It allows you to fully customize, how your users are going to create their profiles.

Final Words

All in all, the above mentioned points are highly recommended if you want to create a BuddyPress website that operates smoothly with a great user interface and enhanced user experience. Make sure you do not miss out to any of the tips while creating your very own social networking website with BuddyPress plugin.