Technological advancements keep happening daily, with new features and components popping up to make life easier. The improvements get attributed to the continuous efforts of technology experts to devise actions executed at the touch of a button, simplifying the entire human existence. The pandemic, which led to people working remotely, gave rise to virtual desktops and desktop virtualization, enabling the user to engage with it without necessarily having the required physical access. SOLVE iQ provides computer users with experienced and dedicated cloud-based virtual desktop services that will allow them to spend time on more important issues within their schedule as they sort the various problems with the technology.

Windows virtual desktop on Azure

The windows virtual desktop runs on Azure, a Microsoft cloud computing tool that allows customers and companies to store images, data, and documents, among others, in the cloud. Cloud storage is less costly than the available physical options and more secure, flexible and reliable than on-site servers. Microsoft Virtual Desktop is one of the most advanced new features on the Microsoft Azure cloud. The cloud computing network has a global infrastructure with several data storage locations worldwide. The multiple locations allow for cloud-based virtual desktop reliability and accessibility, making it useful to the users.

Essential features of the Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop is a crucial business tool that helps create a flexible data and software environment that gets scaled as the company grows. The virtualization allows users to create multiple desktop environments without deploying additional servers, using existing Azure subscriptions. The virtual environment allows for improved efficiency and cost reductions through the use of multi-session and pooled resources, which reduces the number of virtual machines and operating system licenses that the business requires to operate. The important cloud-based virtual desktop features include providing an optimum office experience for employees to become productive. Additionally, the ability to publish many host pools depending on the workload and the ability to establish secure reverse connections to ensure inbound ports don’t get left open. The other features include providing personal desktops with individual access rights and ownership.

The key benefits of windows virtual desktop Azure subscription

Azure subscription effectively improves the user experience on windows virtual desktop in several ways. The benefits include choosing different deployment methods and using Windows applications on any device such as PC or Mac desktops, iOS and Android. Additionally, the users can scale the system based on the demands of the business and provide the highest possible security level for data storage, keeping sensitive information off user devices. Also, the users get to mimic the user experience of computer applications.


Windows Virtual Desktop greatly benefits individual users and businesses as it helps achieve effectiveness and affordability. To further get the best service out of it, then Azure subscription works extensively with multiple benefits that improve the whole users’ experience, making them get the most secure and effective service. The several benefits give businesses the needed edge and comfort in their services.