The COM Express is a highly coherent and compact computer that is used in the design application. Each module in the computer integrates memory functionality and core CPU. In addition, the Express 10 COM module has a small size and ruggedness features that offer multiple benefits to users. The benefits are discussed below.

Marketing is Quick

The custom computer board design is simplified by the Computer on Module. This is because the computer combines processing, memory, Ethernet, video and the functioning of the USB. The COM computer combines all these processes in a small module that is highly blended. In addition, the Express 10 COM module utilizes a custom carrier board that offers external application connectors, preventing time and risk associated with a custom processor design.

As a result, the time needed to market it is speeded up.

Easy Scalability

The COM Express is designed to provide the freedom to match the mechanical requirements and system I/O. This can be achieved while upgrading the path for core processing functions. This is important for the processing functions that are most likely to change because their useful life cycle is extended.

Application Specific

Finding a system that meets all the I/O application requirements is extremely challenging. However, the Express 10 COM Module is custom designed to meet all the required system Express 10 COM module functionalities. In addition, you can align the carrier card with different processors and I/O.

This will ensure that you have a group of different performance platforms that can meet varying I/O requirements. Eventually, you can re-use logic, saving development time and money.

Flexible Mechanical Configuration

The custom carrier board is extremely flexible, making it possible to be designed to the mechanical footprint that best fits the space available and the application in use. This flexibility is useful for general-purpose applications. In addition, you can choose newer carrier boards as they are ideal for a variety of data acquisition and control applications.

A newer carrier board can also allow you to quickly combine a COM Express module with a mix of I/O modules for custom computing applications.

Vibration Resistance

Sometimes the intricate interaction of various components that cause an extensive change in a computer system can cause a small unexpected disturbance. This disturbance is usually caused by internal cabling and limited external access. The COM Express module minimizes this by allowing external access and eliminating internal cabling.

This process can be achieved by designing a Sealevel custom carrier board with I/O connectors that are fused directly to the PCB. This process will prevent vibration resistance, thus improving system ruggedness.


The COM Express allows you to upgrade the CPU whenever necessary. As a result, you can increase your system’s processing power, enhancing faster application and system startups. Additionally, upgrading your CPU can ensure that system is compatible with the latest software and hardware.

Most COM Express modules are designed for embedded applications and extended operating temperatures. By investing in the COM Express module, you can enjoy these benefits and the ones highlighted above.