Counterstrike global offensive is one of the best games for computer gamers. People who are casual gamers and want to test their skills in the games, they can choose several major online tournaments available. Every week you will find new 1v1 as well as multiplayer competitions. There are different platforms where you can find these online tournaments. Some of these are offering cash prizes so you can make money while having fun. You need to have good teammates to draw positive results out of it. Watch to become master of the game and earn money.

Items for cash

You can get a skins and keys to open cases. There are several valuable skinsinside; there are places from where you can buy skins at comparatively low cost. After buying, the skins at a lower cost, you can sell them at a price greater than you have purchased. Other way is to check a dedicated skin-selling website and find a suitable buyer there.

You may be surprised to know that there are skin sellers who are making thousands of dollars every week. This makes it a wonderful way to earn while playing. You need to take the help of Google to find easy websites where you can trade for CSGO skins.

Sell your account

Many people need to know if they have created an account for playing games, then what is the reason for selling the same. For gamers this is a popular way to make real money. Most of the genuine websites do not recommend this option. If you want to try this option, then you will need to achieve a good level in this game before selling the account. After this when you will sell your account on a third party marketplace, you will get more money, than you have purchased.

Bet on tournaments

If you love this game and understand every step of it, then you can go for this option. You may not be a great player, but you can always bet. There are different websites which will give you benefit of your knowledge. They will convert your analysis and strategy designing skills in real money.

You do advertising

You can also opt for live stream online broadcast to make money. There are websites that will share half of the advertising revenue with you. YouTube will give you more and keep only 45% of the revenue. However, you need to take care of their violation rules because they are strict with it. If there is anything that violates their rules, they will demonetize your channel.