Amazon keyword tools let sellers learn more about their potential customers. You can use the data you collect to develop an Amazon marketing strategy and boost your Amazon product’s visibility and ranking. Look at the greatest keyword tracker amazon if you are Amazon FBA sellers. Now that we know Amazon keyword tools are useful and one of the most crucial Amazon seller tools. Amazon keyword research tool assists Amazon sellers, vendors, and agencies in identifying all relevant keywords for their businesses, increasing product visibility, and improving Amazon SEO.

1. Soovle

Scrape various sources for keyword suggestions. Soovle provides more keyword suggestions from Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and other sources. Soovle’s “drag and drop” saved suggestions function makes it simple to save your favourite keyword ideas.

2. Semrush

Semrush differs from the other tools I’ll show you in a few ways. You can select to get information about a specific market if you’re doing SEO in a country other than the United States. Instead of generating a large list of keyword ideas based on a seed term, Semrush displays keywords that your competitors have actually ranked for.

3. MerchantWords

For Amazon sellers trying to boost their sales, MerchantWords is an excellent keyword tool. This application allows sellers to obtain valuable keywords without requiring much SEO knowledge. You can come up with keyword phrases that are unique to your products.

4. KeywordInspector

Trending Keyword Search is one of the features offered by KeywordInspector. Members can monitor the top new keywords on a daily or weekly basis using this service. The Indexation Tester and Reverse ASIN tools help you optimise your Amazon products so that they reach the right shoppers. KeywordInspector costs money. Members can either purchase credits or a monthly subscription for the tool they want. 

5. Google Keyword Planner

Google AdWords is still the most widely used online advertising platform. You can track and compare term trends for free with Google’s Keyword Planner. It may not be the most effective tool for Amazon merchants because it uses terms from the Google search engine.

6. Scientific Seller

KeywordInspector includes a tool called Trending Keyword Search. This service allows members to keep track of the top new keywords on a daily or weekly basis. The Indexation Tester and Reverse ASIN tools assist you in optimizing your Amazon products so they reach the proper customers. KeywordInspector is not free. For the tool they want, members can buy credits or a monthly subscription.

What is the function of the sonar keyword tool?

Sonar is a keyword tool and a constantly updated database of Amazon’s ‘product/keyword’ pairings. Only terms for which the ASIN is on the first page of Amazon search results at the time of the most recent database update are included in the tool. If a product is new and/or does not rank well, it may not yet be included in the Sonar. Customer search queries across all product categories that have been put into Amazon are included in the keyword database; other sources such as Google are not considered.