Say goodbye to all downloading issues? All of us love to download videos or music, so that we can watch it at our leisure time. Downloading individual music, videos can prove to a big hassle as you would have to visit individual websites to locate right videos. By Vidmate, all such issues are put to rest. Download then install it for your own pleasure.

Installation of Vidmate app-

  • Step 1

Head to settings, and then, click on security option. Move to device administration and on unknown sources toggle various options.

  • Step 2

To your device download Vidmate app

  • Step 3

A notification is obtained since Google has access to all protocols when you are downloading from a third party source. Vidmate app is protected on all counts. Press ok to end the process

  • Step 4

Once you download toggle on to Vidmate apps downloading and press install

  • Step 5

After this process click Ok

Why do you consider Vidmate to be an ultimate downloading app?

Vidmate promises to an ultimate downloading module. Once you have downloaded and installed Vidmate there is no need for any other app. A notable feature about Vidmate is not only it allows you to download videos, but to locate right videos proper features are provided. Then can be downloaded in your specific file format and even quality of video can be decided. Even a sound file can be downloaded.

No need to visit individual websites for downloading your videos. This feature of search is in built with this app be it videos, music, or documentaries of any type. On lack of internet connection video downloads stop and when connection comes back they start to download again. At the downloading section you can view the list of videos currently downloading. A feature of downloading multiple videos at the same time is possible. At this same section you can observe the list of downloaded videos till date. Within the videos you have downloaded you can conduct a proper search. Once downloaded, save the videos on to your SD card so that your mobile phone is not constrained for space.

Each and every feature that you want in a downloading app Vidmate provides.

Downloading the Vidmate video downloading app and installation on to your Android device?

It is easy as you can download Vidmate. Apk installation file. If system settings have not been changed it automatically saves on to the download folder. Before installation of this file tweaks have to be incorporated on to the program settings. Just tap on the setting of unknown sources. On your mobile phone there is a security section but Android device follows its own path.

Move to the download section just tap on the file and it starts to install. This presents an only option to install this app. Once installed you can opt for individual hosting links at various websites or rely on the search option in this menu.

Download and stream your favourite videos.