As for performance, the Galaxy S8 comes with a Snapdragon 835 and in some countries as is customary for Samsung with an Exynos 8895, which in words the company adds 21% better performance than its predecessor. The teams were left with 4 GB of RAM, leaving, for now, the jump to 6 GB, but we do not discard it for future updates of the equipment as usually happens during the process of the same. The battery seems to be maintained in the levels that had its predecessors, having a good performance in life functions, so we will not fight in that sense but also remembering that it is not an external battery. But these things will overcome with the Samsung Galaxy S9.

Now we will go to what are probably two of the best features that brings this new generation Galaxy, on the one hand by VIV, company that developed Siri and now acquired by Samsung, we have Bixby, which is a system of assistance by voice that learns of how we use our equipment, as well as its algorithm allows you to better understand the requests made, such as asking you to write a message without modifying the words you do not understand or to search and download a book from a certain site without that you have to go to the browser and move your request. That is why Bixby is one of the jewels of Samsung in this sense leaving behind the embarrassing S-Voice and being a contender to the height of Siri and Cortana. By the launch of Galaxy S9, we can expect Bixby to perform better.

But not only comes Bixby as part of the smartphone war, but also adds a feature that had once tested Motorola in its Atrix version, but with Samsung managed to polish it and above all take it to another level with Dex, a dock that will allow connect any of the two S8 models to make them a functional Android computer and be able to connect it to a keyboard, mouse and a screen to perform activities such as text, edit a video easily or be able to check some of the work in a comfortable way. Dex 2.0 can add even plus factor for the Samsung Galaxy S9.

In the end, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 + are a great choice for those who are fans of innovation and especially the design, a gap that for years left aside iPhone and above all adding interesting functions that could be the direction to take the equipment of other brands in the future. It also adds all the power of things that the company added during this time like its 360 cameras, its wearables and its VR viewers. For those who want to acquire this equipment, the equipment will be in an average of 720 to 750 dollars in its normal version and the plus version between 820 and 850 dollars. If you still plan to buy the S8, then wait for Samsung Galaxy S9, as there will be a price drop.