The Sims 4 allows you to create and control people in the virtual world. Many love how there are no rules in the game. After learning how to download sims 4 for free, the next thing to do is to keep your doppelganger alive and well. This is never an easy task because aside from worrying about constantly feeding them, you have to keep them emotionally happy.

To get started, you should browse this site and consider the following tips:

Looking after your Sim’s needs

Just like in previous chapters, each Sim has needs. These needs must be satisfied. You must know that in The Sims 4 world, there are a total of 6 categories that you need to consider. As soon as the game starts, the needs will be shown in a green bar – and this is the color that you should aspire all the time.

Remember that if you neglect one or more aspect, the bar could turn to yellow or even orange. If it gets really bad, it will show a red bar. If you get the red bar, there will have serious ramifications. With this, you have to stay on top of things.

Understanding Sim aspirations

In this new installment, aspirations are long-term. This will give the Sim something to work on. You have to choose the aspirations immediately after the “Create-a-Sim” screen. With this, you have to think wisely and understand the implications of your decisions.

Understanding your Sim’s emotional wellbeing

You should look after the emotional wellbeing of your Sim. Remember that their emotional state can alter the experiences they have and change their emotions or mood. For instance, a quick shower will leave the Sim energized. If you want to inspire your Sim, you should think about a more thoughtful shower experience. These are just the tip of the iceberg for you can still do many things.

Supporting relationships and social lives

In the new installment, socializing is a must – regardless of what type of Sim you create. This will entail going out of the house and interacting. By doing so, they will start to develop two types of relationships – basic friendship and romantic.

You should be aware that relationships play a large role in the game and it is something that you should stay on top of. You can view the social needs of your Sims by clicking on the smiley face, which can be found on the bottom right.

Understanding learning and developing skills

Skills in The Sim 4 are no different from its predecessors. However, learning skills should be handled differently. This time, teenager Sims will start without any skills but they can quickly learn something by doing tasks every day. For instance, for your Sims to learn cooking skills, they need to start cooking but they need to develop from level 1 to 10.