As is practiced, there are mainly two broad types of SEO that is currently being used today, they are White hat SEO, and Black hat SEO. But before we dive in to either of the two, let us first define San Francisco SEO.

Search Engine Optimization or more commonly referred to as SEO is the effort of expanding a website’s reach through quantity and quality of traffic that the website caters to. If everything goes well then the effort would result to a more favorable organic search engine rank.

However, it is still important to pinpoint exactly how SEO is important for website owners and all stakeholders. While it is paramount to improve content in driving up online presence, SEO ensures that the content is rightly recognized as relevant to a topic that is corresponds to certain keywords. Presence is the key online to online marketing and search results greatly help in this regard. According to recent studies, online data shows that more that half of most website’s views is driven from search results.

As was mentioned, SEO can be grouped into two categories. Just like two sides of the same coin, each approach is not far from the other and generally results to the same thing.

White Hat SEO

When one says White Hat SEO, the emphasis is on the color white which designates purity or in this case, legitimacy. To gain higher rankings in major search engines, this approach focuses mainly on fair organic practices. Marketers in this instance prefer to gain higher rankings by abiding to the strict guidelines put in place by search engines. The object is to raise rankings without having to resort to underhanded tricks to “fool” search engines.

Search engines, despite being backed by multi-billion companies still suffer from loopholes simply because they are not humans. While these loopholes continue to be fixed and closed, the battle is a continuing one with SEO experts keeping the pressure on search engine architectures. In white hat SEO, the focus will instead be on trying to come up with content that will naturally drive up traffic. It focuses more on quality so that online users will visit the site more often and longer. Backlinks to the site are mainly due to other sites finding genuine value in hosting the links on their own sites.

The most common technique in practicing white SEO other than creating quality content is by optimizing the HTML itself. This may include restructuring of the website as advised by the major search engines as well performing link campaigns by advertising to major hosts.

White hat SEO can be considered as doing it the hard way as many things done right mostly are. But the results after successfully implementing one will be long lasting meaning that your efforts in improving your site’s ranking will still be applicable even after the content of both your site and other competitor sites have changed. Another advantage ensuring that search engines look at your site in a positive light which would prevent it from being put in black lists where it will be flagged down as non-quality content.

Black Hat SEO

As a direct opposite of White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO tries to take advantage of all the shortcomings of search engine algorithms. Though not necessarily, illegitimate, the focus in this approach is similar to finding weaknesses in systems as a hacker would. This has been proven to be successful in raising a site’s rank on major search engines.

While search engines, generally frown upon these methods, it cannot successfully police all of internet’s content thus making it a viable option to quickly get up to gear in SEO.

The approach however is not completely devoid of methods used in white hat SEO. Because it still needs some content for search engines to search for, it will still require some to publish.

The danger in this approach is that many online features are trying to root out content such as these like spam cleaners, the search engines themselves and even web browsers. If a search engine tags your site correctly as practicing black San francisco SEO, then you may lose the privilege of being a candidate link for searches.

The more common of the black hat SEO techniques include spamming links on various fora like on comment sections, forums, social media or on websites hosted by the same owner. Keyword stuffing is another technique which fills content of a site with keywords that are mostly invisible to the online user but are factored in on searches. Each of these techniques are aimed at making a website appear to be or at least more than what it actually is to search engines.

Gray Hat SEO

As mentioned in the first statement, there are three main methods in performing SEO, the White Hat, the Black Hat, and the Gray San Francisco SEO. As you may have already surmised, Gray Hat SEO is a cross between the two main techniques. It will feature quality content but will still use some underhanded methods to ensure that it will not fall behind other sites in rankings especially those that only use black hat SEO.

Gray Hat SEO is the most commonly employed by sites nowadays. While search engines continue to clean up Black Hat SEO methods, sites with relevant content will still fall short against underhanded tactics of its competitors. This means that they employ their own Black Hat methods to level out the playing field.


SEO is a quickly evolving industry in that search engines are still figuring out the best way to demands from websites and the online users. There is no sure way to ensure that you get at the top of the rankings unless, of course, if you pay for ads. And even if you get the highest rank in searches, there is no assurance that you will stay there for long given the ever changing search rules and online contents.