One of the most important factors within SEO web positioning is the domain authority of a web page.

This authority is one of the main values ​​within any self-respecting SEO strategy. Keep in mind that this is the main factor within the SEO off-page.

Therefore, the higher this authority, the better your web positioning, and the greater your chances of appearing in the top positions of Google.

What is the domain authority?

It is the relevance of that domain or web page with respect to the rest of world web pages. In other words, it is the popularity of that website on the internet.

Generally, this SEO factor is determined by the number of links or external reference domains that point to the website in question.

That is, the more links you get for your web project, the more domain authority you will accumulate, and the better positioning you will receive. It’s that simple.

How to improve my domain authority?

The answer is simple, getting do follow links to your online project.

The greater the number of links to your website, the greater your domain authority will be.

However, and as I have indicated previously, these must be dofollow since Nofollow links do not transfer authority or link juice. Therefore, Buy High DA Backlinks, and make them dofollow as much as possible.

Anyway, if you do not know how to differentiate between one link and the other, it is best to use the Moz Toolbar that I have indicated above. This tool will show you what type of link is (dofollow / nofollow) with a simple couple of clicks.

Now you will wonder. Where can I get these links to improve my authority on the internet? Well, this type of links can be obtained through:

Links in profiles, comments, and forums

These spaces will be the source of basic links that will improve your domain authority for free.

However, their quality is not very high, and these links will simply serve to make a link building base for your project.

You can get these links at:

  • Profiles on different web pages.
  • Profiles in forums or signatures in forums.
  • Comments on blogs.

Buy links

These types of links will improve your domain authority since they will be quality backlinks that are difficult to obtain.

The only downside to these types of links is the price these backlinks can fetch. Keep in mind that some of them can reach up to 200 USD. A price not at all affordable to many pockets.

On the other hand, in this type of purchased links, you will have control over the entire process. That is, you will decide when what and how you want the link.

In general, you can buy links within the different platforms at:

  • Both thematic and general newspapers.
  • Blogs or web pages with a theme similar to yours.

Collaborations in exchange for links

These types of links are the ones that will improve your domain authority for free. Well, it really won’t be for free, but it will be in exchange for your time.

These types of links are achieved through WIN-WININ strategies. That is, through an exchange in which both parties win.

Within this type of links would be:

  • The guest post or guest post.
  • Non-reciprocal link exchange.
  • The exchange of services for links.

Strong high DA backlinks bring a significant competitive advantage for the visibility of a URL or a domain. Especially in a competitive environment, in which several market players with great resources use the first positions of the search results, Buy High DA Backlinks can be a decisive ranking criterion.