You live in the age of the internet which is why running a business using traditional means won’t let you make it big, let alone survive in a cutthroat market. You would need to make sure that your company has a digital identity in the form of a business website.

Now, in the opinion of a leading website marketing agency, designing a website and making it go live is not the end of it. You would need to implement certain digital marketing tweaks to your official website so that it finds a better position in the SERPs.

SEO and its importance in making a business website successful

Companies that offer SEO services Perth, Australia always guide their clients to ensure proper steps were taken to make the business website ideal for search engine crawlers.

The job of a search engine crawler is to gather relevant information about a website and relay the same to the search engine. The latter then indexes the website in its SERPs. This was a very short version of the whole process but that is not the topic here.

The topic here is to learn new ways you can use to convince leading search engines that your business website has all the bells and whistles required to make it worthy of a higher rank in its SERPs.

Convincing a search engine is easy given you are aware of certain reliable SEO tips that are ideal for your business website. The following sections will talk about some of them:

Meta descriptions need to be optimised

Meta descriptions or simply, page descriptions has a very important role to play. They present a precise but brief summary of what a page is all about to users and most importantly, to search engines. You would need to make sure that:

  • The meta description is within 150 characters at max
  • It is strongly advised that you avoid repeating the title description
  • Avoid keyword stuffing if you don’t want the description to be marked as spam by search engines

It is never a bad idea to create SEO friendly URLs

Uniform Resource Locator otherwise known as URL should be created using a permanent link structure. This is extremely important especially when you want to make sure that the URL of your business website is SEO friendly.

A few tips to create SEO friendly URLs for a business website are as follows:

  • URLs should be easy to remember if you want your users to come back and do business with you repeatedly
  • Always use a hyphen that would allow you to separate words present in a URL
  • It is best to keep URLs small in length
  • Always ensure you are avoiding to mention unnecessary information in the URL
  • Avoid excessive use of keywords or anchor texts in URLs.

Internal links should be efficiently used in your business website content

Linking each page within your business website with other pages of the same is very important and this is technically termed as internal linking. Follow the guidelines mentioned below for best results:

It is best to link articles and website content that are similar or relevant to each other using keywords or key phrases. One can also use anchor texts.

Ensure that the links created are useful to both users and Search Engines and are easy to understand.

Overdoing something is not at all productive. The same goes for internal linking.

Apart from following the tips mentioned above, you would also need to improve your business website by including more web content. Web content could be in the form of infographics, infomercials, articles, blogs or relevant product/services information. On top of that, make sure that efficient and safe digital marketing techniques are implemented in your business website. This will allow you to promote your business and reach deep into the market.